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For the peace process to progress, the fate of detained Afghan forces must be clarified: President Ghani

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By: The Kabul Times
KABUL: Amid efforts for peace in Afghanistan, president Ghani says that For the peace process to progress, the fate of the prisoners of the security and defense forces must be clarified.
“The reason why the process of releasing Taliban’s prisoners is moving forward is because I want the fate of every prisoner of the Afghan security and defense forces to be clear. The peace process will not go on until the fate of our heroes is clarified,” president Ghani said during his visit to Ghazni province on Thursday.
In another part of his speech, President Ghani said that the people of Afghanistan will never give a Taliban emirate supremacy over the republic, and the Taliban should know that the people will make the final decision.
The release of prisoners is one of the Taliban ‘s preconditions to start peace talks. According to the US peace agreement with the Taliban, up to 5,000 Taliban prisoners from the government prisons, and 1,000 security forces prisoners held by the Taliban, must be released before peace talks begin.
But about four months after the agreement was signed, some 4,200 Taliban prisoners have been released by the government and about 850 government prisoners have been released by the Taliban.

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