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Foodstuffs distributed to laborers in Kabul

Kabul Municipality

By: Shukria Kohistani

KABUL: Following the announcement for implementation of Kabul’s lockdown, a number of workers and laborers in the capital by expressing concern over losing their business complained that they could not stay home due to economic problems as they don’t have anything to eat.

Now, Afghanistan government has started distribution of foodstuffs to daily workers and laborers to stay home to prevent from Coronavirus outbreak in the city. According to relevant government officials, distribution process of foodstuffs was started on Friday and so far, more than 10,000 families have received foodstuffs and the process will continue.

“Kabul municipality and police have come up with a plan based on which foodstuffs are distributed to workers and laborers during the lockdown,” said Nasir Mehri, a spokesperson to Kabul governor.

He added that the process was started on Friday and so far more than 10,000 families have received foodstuffs in PD6, PD8, PD15 and PD20, saying that the process would continue and it was determined that thousands of tons of wheat would be distributed to miserable and laborers in Kabul city.

According to Kabul local officials, foodstuffs as flour, cooking oil and bean have been distributed to miserable and needy families in the capital.

On the other hand, Kabul governor spokesperson asserted that it is determined that miserable and needy families in particular laborers working on Kabul streets would be provided with further assistance in future as Kabul administrative has shared a plan of 500 million AFG to presidential office, adding if approved, the main problem of laborers would be addressed.

Meanwhile, Kabul municipality has also confirmed that distribution process of foodstuffs has been started to needy and miserable families in the capital.

“Based on a decree issued by President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, more than 10,000 tons wheat will be distributed to miserable and needy families in particular laborers in Kabul,” said Nargis Momand, a spokesperson to Kabul municipality.

Momand added that foodstuffs have been distributed to miserable families in four provincial districts of Kabul so far, considering the distribution process as transparent.

“In the first step, a list of miserable and needy individuals is collected by community representatives and mosques’ imams and later one each family is distributed with 50 kg wheat to address their problem during the lockdown,” Momand asserted.

Afghanistan government announced the lockdown of Kabul city a week back to prevent from Coronavirus outbreak in the city, asking all residents of the city to stay home to defeat the virus in the city. By implementation of the plan, a large number of laborers in particular street venders started complaining and asked the government for assistance.

It is worth mentioning that coronavirus outbreak in Kabul city as well as in other cities of the country is on the rise as 38 new cases has been confirmed, bringing the total cases in Afghanistan to 337.

The new 38 cases were recorded in Kabul (10), Herat (10), Kandahar (8), Paktia (3), Balkh (2), Samangan (2), Kapisa (1), Takhar (1) and Zabul (1) provinces.

Seven people are reported dead from Coronavirus in Afghanistan, and 12 others have recovered. Herat has the highest number of cases–with 216–while Kabul is in second place with 53 cases.

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