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Following health tips key to curb new wave of COVID-19

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Since the start of 2020, a new outbreak called COVID-19 has spread around the world. Most COVID-19 cases were first reported in China. The World Health Organization declared a pandemic on 12 March 2020.1 The outbreak is affecting the whole world. More than 200 countries have reported COVID-19 infections. Many countries experiencing widespread infection are responding with public health guidelines to fight the spread of COVID-19.
The covid-19 outbreak has left serious social, economic and health impact throughout the world, especially on poor countries such as Afghanistan. As the infrastructure and superstructure of Afghanistan has been largely weakened as a result of forty years war and conflicts, Afghanistan has been more vulnerable against covid-19 and so it seriously damaged the social, economic and health facilities of the country.
In the other word, given the war-torn condition of Afghanistan, it was already suffering from poverty, unemployment, social insecurity and so on but the covid-19 outbreak has worsened everything inflicting severe blow on all aspects of health, social and economic lives of Afghan people.
According to Afghan Ministry of Public Health, more than fifty-six thousand people have been infected by covid-19 while a large number remained unregistered with numerous has died.
Recently the ministry has warned that new Britain types of the virus has been identified in the western provinces of the country, and according to them it has fast infection comparing to its previous types. The ministry has asked people to follow health tips and social distances.
It has been noted that the people and citizens of Afghanistan are careless about the coronavirus and so do not follow the health recommendations during daily businesses and social events. Based on daily observations in Kabul city, there are very few people who wear masks, maintain social distances, wash hands and follow other health recommendations.
Even, the level of health awareness and fighting strategies against covid-19 has largely declined in public media as if there are no threats under name of covid-19 in the country. If the current recklessness continues, there might be dreadful crisis in the country.
Undoubtedly, it is not possible to isolate all people at homes in the current poverty crisis, but it is possible to enforce health regulations, raise public awareness and instructions such as using masques, maintaining social distance, washing hands and so on.
Therefore, the first and most important way to deal the virus is preventive measure. The experience such as in China also shows that preventive measure is the easiest and costless way to deal with the disease. In preventive measures, the media awareness and also individuals’ strategies can play the most important role like adhering to hygienic principles.
Meanwhile media and the religious scholars should do more to raise awareness and push people to wear masks and observe health tips. As individuals, we should not think that coronavirus will only infect the neighbors, and as media we must launch a national campaign to defeat the virus and awaken people of consequences if they persist to neglect the issue.

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