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Focus on MoPH’s report on Afghans’ mental problem

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Focusing on the results of a research launched by Ministry of Public Health half of Afghanistan’s population are suffering from psychological problem. To fight this severe problem successfully an extensive strategy is needed.
BNA medical affairs analyst commenting on the issue writes celebrating certain occasions provide an opportunity for relevant authorities and people as a whole to know better about the situation and prepare a strategy to fit the situation and work well.
As the ministry of public health in ceremony held for celebrating World Health Day says that half of the population of the country is suffering psychological problems a subject that should not ignored, because fighting is continuing for many years, poverty, unemployment and social inequalities caused by imposed fighting suffocating our people. In addition to the above mentioned painful problems, the people of this war torn country are suffering from mental diseases as ministry of public health says.
Based on the results of research conducted by the ministry one can say that Afghan people have never been safe from psychological problem during the long time of war, political and social problems have addicted our youths to narcotic drugs that is the most concerning problem.
There is no doubt that the families have great role in training their young children, avoid physical and mental family violence against them because they need to leave the house in inter the society therefore, the families should fight honestly against all kinds of violence in the community in order to prevent the addiction of youth to heinous phenomenon of narcotics.
In any case, effective measures have been taken for prevention. Ministry of public health through adopting two specific strategies: national strategy for mental health and national preventive strategy for preventing from committing suicide is seeking to rescue the youths and the people as a whole. In addition has assigned 750 psychological advisers if required advice the needy people and try to improve their health.
Without doubt what have mentioned would be effective in removing health problems in the country, but still more incentives is needed.
Increasing violence, social inequalities, war, suicide, addiction to narcotics, poverty, unemployment and dozens of other problems have severely harmed the mental safety of the residents of Afghanistan, practical strategy and serious attention can help in curbing the mental pressure in the country.
Abdul Khalil Menawi

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