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First shipment of merchandises arrives in Badakhshan

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By: Shukria Kohistani

First shipment of Lapis Lazuli Road merchandises, which includes electronics arrived in Badakhshan in 14 Kamaz-type trucks.
After two days of travel and passing through seven provinces of the country, finally, the shipment crossed Azerbaijan border and reached to Badakhshan.
The drivers of the caravan that have just arrived in Badakhshan, say that despite difficulties, they could arrive in Badakhshan through Aqina Port.
They say that by opening Lapis Lazuli Road, employment ground has been prepared, but still there are threats and difficulties in this road which face the drivers with problems sometimes.
They ask the government to make effort and ensure security in this road.
“There are many problems, but it is hoped they are solved at its earliest. The government is expected to ensure security in insecure areas, because, Afghan traders are interested to work in Afghanistan,” an economic expert Saifuddin Saihoun said.
Head of Badakhshan economy administration, Abdul Hasib Daqiq expressed gratitude over arrival of first shipment of Lapis Lazuli Road.
He added the road would help free the Afghan government from economic dependencies of a number of countries that had pressured Afghanistan sometimes.
According to him, Badakhshan is rich of precious mines and a province with economic location.
This comes as Badakhshan residents say that they have been expecting the opening of the Lapis Lazuli Road since long as it will help create visible changes in the people’s economic situation.
They added that opening of this way will provide many employment opportunities and will pave the way for selling their products in world markets.
Badakhshan is one of the provinces located in the northeast of the country where is facing economic limitations due to lack of transit routes, but economic experts believe that opening Lapis Lazuli Road and exchange of merchandizes will help put an end to the province’s economic limitations.
Local officials in Badakhshan say that they are doing their best to create facilities along this way and would spare no effort in this regard.

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