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First national meeting of women investor


Following the first survey about investor women, the first national meeting of the latters held in 13 provinces by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry.
At the end of this meeting, 13 investor women have been selected as better investor women, Deputy of ministry of commerce and industry says that in this meeting despite lauding of investor women, the problems facing by them were discussed and the ministry is planning to address their problems.
At the same time the head of chamber of commerce and industry of women says that based on the result of this meeting, a draft would be prepared for enforcement of women investments that would be offered to Geneva conference by ministry of commerce and industries and chamber of commerce and industry.
One of these 13 better women investors, Seema Hashemi offered a list of challenges and proposals of investor women to the meeting.
Ms. Hashemi added that I want to be a sample for those ladies who can serve further for their people, society especially for poor people of the society.
Another better investor women Behnaz Saljuqi also owned the prize of renovation for herself.
Along with four other women, she established an institution to manage and hold women meetings in Herat.
Ms, Saljuqi stated that I wanted a renovation be taken place and establish a serviceable office for the meetings of women that attended in this competition and became the owner of Bibi Khadija prize.
Deputy of ministry of commerce and industry regarded searching for financial resources for funding of plans drafted by labor-creating women as another aim of holding this meeting and added that according to deputy minister of commerce and industry, Kamela Seddiqi you have reached to this place.
In your village, in your region and in your provinces, there are some women that have nothing.
Lets we and you have for them. Ask for our support and youth yourselves support their investing so that we investigate them.
In this meeting about 200 women investors are attending that are belong to 13 provinces and discussed for two days the weak, strength, challenges and investment opportunities of women.
Head of chamber and commerce of women, Manizha Wafeq said that the real problems and challenges ladies are facing with are recognizing and finally, a draft of programs to be prepared by ministry of commerce and industry and chamber of commerce and industry for Geneva conference. Despite being a guide for the activities of ministry of commerce and industry, it also would show what activities should be done for women investors all-over the country.
Following the survey of women investors conducted by ministry of commerce and industry in 13 provinces, the first national meeting of women investors has been held.
In this survey that would cover further provinces in upcoming years, this year, negotiation took place with 140 women investors in the country.
At the same time beside women that have macro-capitals, they are colleagues in funding of their families.
A number of women in Kabul are vendors. They told The Kabul Times, they are food-bearers of their families.
One of these women, Marjan that is engaged in a road-side of Kabul city as a vendor said that with selling of few breads she is housing and providing means of subsistence for her family.
According to her, although the women of Afghanistan are leading a miserable life, but they are obliged to accept it.
She added that some male are preventing us from working, but we are compelling to work and provide a loaf of bread for our children. She is not Ms, Marjan who work in open air for providing a loaf of bread for their family members but a number of other women who lost their husbands and are widow are working in open air like Ms. Marjan and provide means of subsistence for their families.
Although, the institution of advocates of human rights and national unity government have special programs for contribution of women in government organs but in a condition that women are working in open air and are facing with hardships, they should be supported more.

Shukria Kohistani

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.