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Fire fighters are sincere devotees


Since over 40 years, Afghanistan has been burning in the flames of devastating wars insecurities plus natural disasters that have drawn our people at the brink of annihilation.
During this long period, there were plenty of sympathetic individuals who made sincere efforts to rescue their fellow countrymen and women and even sacrificed themselves for this purpose. The Kabul Times reporter has made the following interview with one of these devotees, commander of MoI Counter Disasters and Fire Fighting Unit Col. Eng. Abdul Azim Oryakheyl.

masoud fire fighter
Sine 1363 solar year, after graduation from Police Academy, I have been working in Kabul Provincial Fire Fighting Department and have been involved in extinguishing of fires, explosions, suicide attacks etc. In this period I accumulated plenty of valuable experiences on extinguishing of these tragic incidents. I remember that only in 1360, over 360 similar incidents had happened in capital city and as my responsibility I was directly involved in their extinguishing. One of the dangerous incidents in 1363 was explosion of a VBIED truck against the MoF as a result of which dozens innocent people were killed and several others injured.
He added, following the collapse of Dr. Najeebullah government and out breaking of devastating civil wars, Kabul city witnessed numerous heart rending incidents that even our personal failed to tackle most of them due to lack of sufficient resources. Because our technical resources and equipments were destroyed during the factional conflicts. Due to frequency of incidents, even our personal were not able to go home for a week.
Question: Col, Oryakhyl, in fire fighting law, how many kinds of incidents have been defined? And which one cause more damages and casualties?
Answer: Three incidents have been defined, first natural incidents, second deliberate fires and third offensive fires. The third one causes damages to people and government and casualties.
The first and second fires also cause damages and casualties specially during floods, earthquakes or fires in private houses and shops or markets due to people carelessness.
Question: At the moment how many fire fighting centers have been established by MoI in capital city?
Answer: At present seven fire fighting centers have been established across capital city which are equipped with modern resources. These centers located in Khair Khana, Khoshal Khan Mena, Sarobi, Microrayons, Arzaan Qimat, Darul Aman, Pul-e-Charkhi and PD-17. Sub-fire fighting branches have also been set up in airport, factories and other imported locations.
Question: How any personal do you have in your department now?
Answer: Totally in 34 provinces we have employed over 1998 personal, but due to density of population specially in capital Kabul, this number is not accountable. We ask the government to increase this number.
Because, density of population requires that one center be set up within every 5 km.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.