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Feb. 15 the Soviet Troops’ Withdrawal from Afghanistan

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By: Lailuma Noori

Due to being a landlocked country and lack of free access to sea on the south, Afghanistan had to establish close relations with its northern superpower neighboring of Soviet Russia.
Due to this situation and particularly when in 1950s the newly established Pakistan was focused by the western world, Russia tried to keep very close economic, commercial and military relations with Afghanistan.
Utilizing and exploiting lack of close relations of Afghanistan and Pakistan, the Russians managed to expand their influence gradually in all fields and key sectors of our country. The soviets succeeded to avail this opportunity and disseminate their ideology and policy among the young and educated generation of the country and attract a number of these people to their trend so to use them as a mean for further influence among our society and implementation of their ambitious plans. Whenever the Afghan government led by late President Mohammad Daud decided to rescue the country from the Soviet dependence, the Russians ordered their followers to organize a coup d’état, topple the government and eliminate President Daud from the political power. On Dec, 27, 1979, the Soviet leaders decided to invade our country and sent its 120,000 armed troops into Afghanistan which resulted in strong reaction of the Afghan people and world countries.
Afterwards the Russians were caught by a fatal catcher and after ten years devastating wars with the Afghan people concluded to leave Afghanistan shamefully, because, the situation developed completely against them politically and economically as well as due to domestic and international reactions.
The Soviet classic leader Brezhnev was died and Gorbachev had assumed power in Kremlin.
In this time, the Soviets were trying to withdraw their troops from Afghanistan in one way or another. Gorbachev condemned the military invasion took place during the reign of Brezhnev and called it as a big mistake. After ten years devastating wars and killings, the Russians had realized this fact that they cannot occupy Afghanistan and dominate it through military means.
They sustained casualty of over 20,000 killed, thousands injured and hundreds missing soldiers and a damage of $3 to $4 billion each year and ultimately had to leave Afghanistan. According to media reports, after February 1979, the Russians had a military supply of $300 million but during their withdrawal their expenditures increased enormously.
The consequences of Soviet invasion were not only high to the Afghan people but also to Russia.
The Feb, 15, 1989, the day of the Soviet troops’ withdrawal has been recorded as an important day in contemporary political history of Afghanistan. But today, Russia is a different country and considers itself as one of the friends of Afghanistan and tries to help ensuring peace and stability in Afghanistan and it will never send troops against Afghanistan.

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