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Fears, hopes on Pakistani foreign minister’s visit to Afghanistan


Pakistani foreign minister’s visit to Afghanistan took place while that country’s Prime Minister Imran Khan has recently said his country was committed to cooperate with Afghanistan in fighting extremist groups and peace talks.

Afghan foreign ministry officials are saying Pak foreign minister would hold meetings with Afghan officials and discuss counternarcotics and peace negotiations.

Earlier, Pak Prime Minister Imran Khan said that Afghans have suffered so much in compare with other countries’ people and are in dire need of security, therefore, we should do our best to ensure security in Afghanistan.

Expressing optimism over bolstering relations between Afghanistan and Pakistan, lower house of the parliament said that Afghanistan should consider balance with other countries in its foreign policy.

A lawmaker, Hashimi said if Afghanistan could gradually strengthen its policy in term of foreign relations, regional countries’ trust would be drawn to this country.

A number of parliamentarians and experts say that ongoing tensions between Afghanistan and Pakistan can negatively affect regional stability.

Calling tensions between Afghanistan and Pakistan in the interest of terrorism, an MP Shekiba said Afghanistan was facing terrorism phenomenon alongside its border with Pakistan and the government is seriously fighting terrorist groups in that area, thus, Pakistan should also take this serious and make effort to honestly cooperate with Afghanistan in prevailing peace and stability.

She added Afghan-Pak officials’ meeting would be effective while their commitments to be practiced.

A political expert Akram Andishmand believes the people of Afghanistan don’t trust in Pakistan commitments anymore and these commutes would be effective while the Taliban directly set around negotiation table and state their views on restoring peace.

A school teacher Malalai said, “Over the last years, Afghan officials have done much to ensure peace and stability and their efforts have not been satisfactory to people, because, foreign interferences, particularly Pakistan’s have caused peace efforts not to be fruitful.”

She hoped U.S. to pressure Pakistan, and force its government to practically step up in the respect.

A university student Fariha Danesh believes that due to common capacities, Afghanistan should enhance its military, economic and political relations with neighboring and regional countries.

This is while that several meetings have so far been held among senior officials of both countries, but they didn’t follow with any visible result. Therefore, it is expected that Pakistani Prime Minister to seriously step up in fighting terrorism and restoring peace in Afghanistan.

Suraya Raiszada

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.