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Farah historical monuments still intact

ایوبی رئیس اطلاعات وفرهنگ مضمون کریمه فراه

Farah is one of Afghanistan’s historical provinces where has formed from 11 administrative units. It enjoys many ancient monuments with 2000 years of historical background that has so far remained intact.
Head of Farah information and culture department Farid Ahmad Ayoubi told The Kabul Times that Farah’s historical monuments are including historical places, cultural heritage and tourist sites, 22 of which have been registered in the ministry of information and culture and the rest of them would also be registered after survey.
“Feraidoun and Kuhzad forts are the most famous historical monuments of the province with 2000 years old,” he added.
The fort is located in the center of Farah province where is popular in the name of Shahr-e-Kohna (Old City). This ancient city is more than 3000 years old. It was one of the ancient places of the Persian kings, as Farah belonged historically to the Sistan empire. The name “Feraidoun” here refers to a hero of the Persian epic Shahnameh.

مطلب و تصویر درمورد ابده های تاریخی ولایت فراه
Besides historical monuments, there are many tourist sites such as Bibija Baran Mountain and some others where due to insecurity have not been witnessed any domestic and foreign tourists over the last years, Ayoubi stated.
He added majority of the province’s historical monuments have been made of mud and sun-dried breaks where facing destruction due to recent rainfalls and other natural disasters and need to be repaired.
We have shared our problems and suggestions to the ministry of information and culture and it is hoped two historical monuments of the province to be reconstructed in 1398.
He said security was our main challenge, because, after Farah’s collapse, the security situation is not good in the province.
Farah is one of the 34 provinces of Afghanistan, located in the western part of the country next to Iran. It is a spacious and sparsely populated province, divided into eleven districts and contains hundreds of villages. It has a population of about 925,016, which is multi-ethnic and mostly a rural tribal society.
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