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Fahim Sultani won 6 gold medals in various competitions


By: Nangyalay Osmani

KABUL: Physical training and sport are correlated with social and ethical values in a society. Sport develops social personality beside individual one and a healthy social personality flourishes individuals’ talents.
Our sport correspondent has made the following interview with a champion sportsman.
At the outset talking on his sport career, Fahim Sultani said, due to my enthusiast to sport, I started football in 1382 in school and later attended several competitions and as a result received six gold medals.
He added, in 1385 I started Boxing under Ustad Sayed Ahmad in Education Club. Ultimately in 1386 I became champion in 54 kg in youth and teenagers’ teams.
He continued, as a result of intense exercises, in 1359 during a competition with National Olympic Committee, I was recognized as champion in 64 kg and preserved this title for three years. 13 gold medals and 4 championship cups are among my domestic achievements. I also received an ethics cup among 30 sport clubs. In a friendly race I gained a Boxing sculpture once in a competition with MoD sport team, I was recognized champion of my weight and served for two years as an arbitrator with MoD sportsmen association. I also organized 16 rounds of Amature sport competitions in MoI education Command aimed at growth and development of ANP sportsmen. I am proud to serve our ANP through sport.
Touching the role of sport in society, Sultani said, sport and physical training plays vital role in promotion of culture and morale values, sport promotes solidarity, cooperation, devotion and friendship among nations. 

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.