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Fading presence of women in government posts concerning

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KABUL. 19 March 2014. The UN Secretary-General’s Deputy Special Representative for Afghanistan and acting head of UNAMA, Nicholas Haysom, meets in Kabul with representatives of the Civil Society organizations on women to discuss about the coming presidencial elections. Photo by UNAMA / Fardin Waezi

Following the concern of MoWA on fading presence and role of women in government posts, confirming this concern, a number of women in their contacts with The Kabul Times reporter said, despite of elapse of over 17 years of establishment of democratic system, women have not been deployed in key positions.
An employee of the MoF who was reluctant to be identified, said, although I have been working in this department for over 10 years but despite of holding an MA degree I have failed to promote in a higher position. Unfortunately there are some individuals in this department who lack essential capacity and criterion and higher educations but due to their affiliation with certain senior authorities have been appointed in key positions.
He asked the government and Administrative Reforms Authority (ARA) to put an end to this inequality and injustice and employe eligible and qualified individuals in higher positions. There are several women employees with higher educations and MA degree but deployed in lower posts.
Confirming concern of the MoWA, Qudsia another female employee said, the NUG led by president Ashraf Ghani has repeatedly emphasized that, the women who hold higher educations certificates should be employed in higher positions but still there certain problems and the Administrative Reforms Authority (ARA) has been ignoring this norm and this is the reason behind fading presence of women in government higher positions.
She asked the government to invite serious attention in this case. At the same time, the MoWA says that although several institutions are involved in the direction of growth of women capacity but still women partnership is fading in government departments.
Addressing the third conference of Reforms and Policies for women in the government which was organized by PROMOTE program, deputy MoWA Spozhmay Wardak said, the government should fulfill its promises on growth of women presence in departments. Obstacles should be removed and more work should be done on women capacities to enable them to promote to higher positions.
She added although large number of women are employed in most provinces but their absolute majority are in lower posts and in some provinces, except chairwomen of provincial affairs department, no other women are employed in higher positions.
Wardak went on to say, insecurities, discrimination against women and girls etc are the reasons behind fading partnership of women.
The five years long PROMOTE program has been setup by the USAID with an expenditure of US $200 million aiming to improve Afghan women partnership in different branches.
Prior to this, the Afghan Women Network and civil society bodies had also complained on fading presence of women in key positions. According to data of MoWA, at present women presence is 22 pc.
A number graduated trainers of PROMOTE program said that implementation of PROMOTE program leaves positive impact on women role in government departments and this program could be the only solution for promotion of women in different sectors.
According to the officials of PROMOTE Project, under this project, the women partnership will improve two pc annually in departments.
It has been said that with complete implementation of PROMOTE Project in 2020, the Afghan women partnership will improve 30 pc.
Shukria Kohistani

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