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Factors behind using Pakistani currency in eastern, southern provinces


By:  Shukria Kohistani

The common currency in the daily deals of people in the eastern and southern provinces of the country is still the Pakistani rupee (Kaldar).
A Kabul citizen Obaidullah told The Kabul Times that he has got a disease and want to go to Pakistani for treatment.
He added I exchanged Afghani currency with Pakistani rupee to proceed my works in that country.
The range covers the flow of money from southern Kandahar to the eastern Kunar province.
In a number of provinces, Pakistani rupee is the only currency through which all people’s transactions are carried out.
In some other provinces, Afghani currency is mostly used instead of Pakistani rupee.
Fawzia, a member of the Zabul Provincial Council says that the common currency in that province is the Pakistani rupee. According to her, some people in Zabul’s remote and insecure villages might not know Afghani currency. She added that all transactions in Zabul market are done with Pakistani currency.
She clarified that the main reason behind domination of Pakistani rupee in Zabul markets is that most of the needed goods in that province are ensured through the Pakistan.
Laghman governor spokesman Asadullah Dawlatzai said that most of the people in eastern zone used Pakistani rupee in their daily transactions.
He called importing goods from Pakistan the main reason in this regard.
He stressed that it is impossible to forcibly replace Afghani currency with Pakistani rupee, but a cultural move should be done so to make people proud on their national currency.
Nangarhar is another border province between Afghanistan and Pakistan where Pakistani rupee is mostly used than Afghani currency.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.