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“Facilities should be provided for issuing business license,” President Ghani

جمهوررئیس غني جواز د اخیستو ټولې اسانتیاوې دې برابرې شي
President Ghani hearing a report on Central Business Registry Center of the MoCI at the Presidential Palace

KABUL: President Ghani heard the performances’ report of Central Business Registry Center of the Ministry for Commerce and Industry on establishing a one-stop shop for issue business licenses, the presidential palace said in a statement on Saturday.
In a meeting held in Arg, the minister of commerce and industry Homayoun Rasa presented his report about signing a cooperation agreement with 12 sectorial administrations on transferring all sectorial licenses to Central Business Registry center, the statement further said.
He also briefed the session about his administration’s challenges, suggestions and goals and mentioned lack of cooperation by some sectorial administrations, the statement added.
After hearing the report, thanking the minister of commerce and industry, the president said the ground should be facilitated for receiving licenses and the main reasons on progresses and obstacles should be properly identified and reviewed. He pointed out that a specific draft should be existed to execute transferring all licenses through the ministry of commerce and industry to Central Business Registry.
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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.