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Facebook; opportunities and threats

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The social network of Facebook has been changed into one of influential and predominant section in the life of people. No place has been remained in the life of people from Facebook influence.
Offices, classes of school and universities, inside transportation means, bakeries, shops, stores, family environment etc. have come into domination of Facebook. Despite this, so far, the level of use of Facebook skills is low, but some important daily works have been implemented through Facebook.
Coordination, relations, giving information, meetings, publishing of news and reports are activities performed via Facebook. The important reason behind vast using of Facebook by people is the possibilities Facebook is enjoying. For example: Facebook covers all other media, all reliable sites of news including printing and audio-visual media found their way to Facebook.
With suing of Facebook, the people with lower expenditure and soonest possible time are linking with information and amusement world, and get access to the last developments of the events occur in home and in abroad as a whole share their own viewpoints with others as well.
Privileges and performances:
Giving fast awareness is one of important privileges of Facebook in today’s world. With very meagre expenditure and sans any limitation, the Facebook places people in the course of domestic and foreign events and is changed into a dominated mean of informing in the society.
As all reliable news networks and sites are present in the Facebook and informs people, the related reports are given earlier than all mass communication means. The news with all its details are given to the people via Facebook even majority of ceremonies and important pogroms are reflecting as live and directly through Facebook.
Harms and shortcomings:
Beside all privileges, Facebook has its own harms and shortages. Expansion of fake news, false identity and people’s astray in connection with distinguishing of fake news from main ones, family disputes, terror of high-ranking personalities, scratching of national tongue etc. are from the harms of Facebook.
The enemies and terrorists’ groupings with using of Facebook sow the seed of disunity among people and making effort to conscript manpower for their groups. Likewise, Facebook plays its negative role in majority of social problems, family disputes, divorces, psychological diseases, addicts, thefts etc.
With resorting to some roadmaps, we can change the threats stem from Facebook into opportunities. For example: we can promote the level of awareness of people about Facebook for healthy use of the same.
Some didactic programs should be considered in educational institutions, courses, associations, schools and seminaries about Facebook. The elites and lecturers of universities should enhance their activities via Facebook.
The latters should give motivation in regard with national interest via Facebook it should be cleared from fake addresses of enemies.
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