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Eyes pin to ECC

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By: The Kabul Times

Wednesday was the third and last day of deadline for registration of protests and complaints in connection to releasing of preliminary results of Sep 28 presidential elections. Talking to media the ECC officials said that since the beginning of registration of electoral complaints, about seven thousands complaints have been registered by electoral teams including the two leading teams led by president Ghani and CE Abdullah in ECC capital and provincial offices. More complaints were expected to arrive until late Wednesday and be registered.
With expiring of legal moratorium, these complaints must be assessed, the ECC is expected to assess these complaints precisely and on time and issue its decision. The ECC is indeed electoral tribune. According to provisions of elections law, the ECC is authorized to assess all those complaints and protests send plus reports of observers by citizens and electoral rivals on election process and are registered by ECC. ECC is authorized to issue order aimed at ensuring electoral justice and transparency on electoral violations and frauds based on its witnesses and finings.
In the wake of several times delay of the release of preliminary results of presidential elections, the IEC announced it on Sunday which was faced with different reactions and protests and complaints of electoral teams. Some of the candidates and electoral teams declared that until their protests and complains are not assessed, they would accept no results of elections.
They emphasized that the ECC should put an end to all ambiguities, confusions and suspicions in the light of prevailing laws and procedures on the transparency of the work of IEC and restore electoral justice.
Importance of ECC work is in this point that without assessing of objections and complaints neither the required trust of lawful conclusion and transparency of elections process could be restored nor the candidates and electoral teams will be satisfied and election disputes would not be ended.
Nevertheless now all eyes have been pinned to ECC that after expiration of deadline for registration of objections and complaints, what would it does and what decision it would take?
All emphasize on time and precise assessment of complains by ECC. Not only Afghans but international partners involved in election process emphasize and said that final results must be transparently announced, convince all involved and concerned parties and restore the lost trust to the process.

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