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Exports reach $ one billion in 2019


By: Shukria Kohistani

Director of ACCI said that in 2019 the private sector with support of government managed to export goods and commodities at a cost of US $ one billion.
Sayed Zaman Hashimi addressing the media added that as a beating heart and economic arm of the country, the private sector has always been beside the government. The ACCI with its more than 23000 active members has managed to play effective role in investment in Afghanistan as for instance we can point out the 45% growth of exports in 1392-1397 solar years.
He added, with 980 flights through air corridors, domestic products costing over US$ 216 million have been exported to abroad. Efforts of president Ghani for creation of air corridors as well as ground routes have caused Afghanistan exports to reach US $ one billion in 2019. We anticipate that in 2020 this amount would increase to US $ 1.5 billion.
Chairwoman of Telent private Co Vida Popal said, the government should always support private sector. Lack of access to government departments is one of the current problems of private sector, so gap between government and private sector must be narrowed to improve administration of relevant affairs.
She went on to say, president Ghani has undertaken good measures for support of private sector but these are not enough and barriers should be removed.
Popal added, until domestic investors are not satisfied, no foreign investors would come into our country to invest, because no sufficient supporting measures have taken place for the private sector.
Addressing the same function, deputy director of ACCI khan Jan Alokozay said, the government should pave the way of further investment and domestic investors should produce essentials needed by people.
Alokozay added that although in recent years many opportunities have been wasted but in the last five years president Ghani has prepared better grounds for domestic investors.
Economist Saifuddin Saihoon said no doubt economic development of Afghanistan depends upon domestic investments. If the government strongly support domestic private investors, their business will be flourishing.
In his believe, support of private sector by the government obliges foreign investors to invest in Afghanistan and jointly work with Afghan partners. 

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.