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EU to continue cooperation with Afghanistan

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Recently, European Union (EU) foreign ministers in a meeting held in Luxembourg have released a declaration within which they stressed on continued supporting Afghanistan in various fields.
Likewise, they asked the government of Afghanistan and EU to begin direct peace talks as soon as possible and end violence in the country.
Besides other cooperation, they showed readiness to play guarantying role in peace process.
Welcoming EU’s continued support from Afghanistan, the government of Afghanistan said that EU have done this in other countries as well and helped them reach peace agreement.
“EU would help Afghanistan to sign peace agreement with the Taliban, as they are experienced in this regard,” presidential spokesperson office said.
Based on EU agreement, they have vowed to cooperate with Afghanistan in administrative reforms particularly reforms in security sector, integration of government armed insurgents and their families in the society and projects in the region.
According to The Kabul Times, a number of lawmakers and experts called EU’s continued support significant to Afghanistan.
International community should continue supporting Afghanistan for long or the world will face many challenges, a lawmaker Mohammad Hashim said.
A political expert Ali Rahmani believe that this is good news that the world countries won’t leave Afghanistan alone and this can be a good opportunity for the national unity government and a key guarantee to stable future of the country.
He added there is no doubt that EU’s support is key to Afghanistan and now, the people expect them to further focus on acceleration of peace process so the insurgents join it.
At the same time, expressing optimism on world countries relations with Afghanistan particularly EU, a number of citizens stressed that they should continue supporting Afghanistan for long.
EU is consisted of world great countries and they can cooperate with Afghanistan in different fields, a resident Taj Mohammad said.
Over the last years, many world countries have declared their supports from Afghanistan and our country has good relations with them in different arenas, thus, any move particularly on peace process will be key to the country. This comes as EU is among the organizations that have cooperated with Afghanistan in various sections over the last more than one and half a decade particularly in peace process, capacity-building and training of the Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF).

Suraya Raiszada

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