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EU supports peace, election in Afghanistan

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During her visit of Kabul, EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini announced EU supports of peace and election process in Afghanistan. Leading a senior delegation, during her short stay in Kabul, Mogherini separately met leaders of the NUG, during which expressing EU support of peace and election process she emphasized on continuation of EU cooperations and assistance to Afghanistan.
Peace, election, regional cooperations and EU assistance to Afghanistan were main topics of meetings of EU foreign policy chief with NUG leaders in Kabul. During her joint press conference with president Ghani, she announced EU support of Afghans owned peace process and said that Afghanistan is in a sensitive stage of its history and peace has been changed to a main discussion in this country.
“To reach peace, preparing the conditions such as ceasefire and beginning of intra-Afghani dialogue are important. Mogherini addressed creation of an inclusive negotiating delegation that could represent all strata of Afghan society including women as another conditions for success of this process. She also suggested financial aid for integration of Taliban militants into civilian life after leaving war”, she concluded .
She added, peace talks should take place within the framework of Afghanistan constitution and guarantee preservation of the last 18 years achievements, women’s and minorities rights and freedoms in Afghanistan. In case of need, the EU is ready to guarantee peace accords in Afghanistan.
Prior to this, president Ghani had asked EU to guarantee possible peace agreements between Afghan government and the Taliban militants.
Prior to Kabul, she visited Islamabad and touching her visit there, she said that country is ready to support Afghan peace talks and EU is in contact with US, Russia, China, Iran and the Central Asian countries in connection with the Afghan peace, because role of these players is important in Afghanistan peace.
Appreciating EU cooperations with Afghanistan, president Ghani explained that EU agenda is stability, end of war and progress in the world. A great opportunity has been available to Afghanistan and that is efforts to end the 40 years crisis in this country.
Touching holding of consultative peace loya Jirga president Ghani said that people would find a chance in this Jirga to decide freely on their future destiny.
President Ghani clarified that a stability that is gained through bullet, is not stability but is a chapter of beginning another insecurity and national unity and political consensus are important issues to find a political solution to war.
Within discussion that would take place in upcoming Jirga, subsequent measures would be performed in peace. The base of Afghanistan foreign policy is creation of a common vision and change of negative visions to positive one in the regional level. To bring change in Asia, Afghanistan is needed to achieve stability, because this country is the heart of Asia.
Funding of big regional projects by EU is a big step towards change of negative visions to positive and creation of a joint vision in the region.
In her separate meeting with CE Abdullah, EU foreign policy chief said that the union completely supports Afghan-led peace efforts. EU has no covert agenda in Afghanistan but its goal is support of democracy, human and women rights, freedom of speech, rule of law, welfare and development of this country. There is no way to retreat in Afghanistan and peace measures, progress and safeguarding of human rights and achievements of recent years in this country. The only way to achieve everlasting peace in Afghanistan, is beginning of intra-Afghani dialogue and certain measures have already been implemented at international level.
CE Abdullah said that achieving peace in Afghanistan is conditional to intra-Afghani talks and serious cooperation of Pakistan in this respect and Taliban position is the main obstacle for beginning of intra-Afghani dialogue.
Prior to this, Taliban had time and again said that are not ready to enter talks with the Afghan government while they have already met a number of politicians and political parties leaders in Moscow and their next meeting has been scheduled in Qatar.
Upcoming presidential election was one of the pivotal issues of talks between EU foreign policy chief and NUG leaders.
Announcing EU support of Afghanistan election, Mogherini said that EU efforts are going on to organize a transparent and reliable election and this democratic process should not be taken hostage under every circumstance.
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