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EU asks electoral commissions to keep impartiality

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By: Lailuma Noori

European Union ambassador to Afghanistan has asked electoral commissions to keep their impartiality in finalizing process of the country’s presidential elections.
Ambassador Pierre Mayaudon, the European Union Head of Delegation to Afghanistan called on presidential candidates to respect the Independent Election Commission’s result and to prevent the 2014 election crisis from repeating.
“2019 is quite different than 2014, I think the general public… aspires more every day to peace, stability and national unity,” said Ambassador Pierre Mayaudon.
Also asking the electoral commissions for keeping impartiality in connection with votes count process, EU ambassador said if the IEC took too long to make a decision, the presidential election would turn into a crisis.
“A very important message that we communicated is really an encouragement to stay impartial and neutral,” Mayaudon added.
The work of the IEC, particularly the transfer of information from biometric machines to the central database, is going slow.
The process of transferring information from the devices was supposed to be completed a day after the election, but now, about two weeks after the election, the process has not been completed.
Transparency in elections is a principle and Afghans, who voted for their favorite presidential candidate on September 28, have the right to be informed of transparency of the process. This is possible only when their votes are dealt with honesty and all processes related to the elections are reviewed in a fair and transparent way.
Currently, all including the government, the people, candidates, analysts and international partners say in one voice that the process should be followed in a transparent way. Both Independent Election Commission (IEC) and Independent Electoral Complaints Commission (IECC) have assured of transparency in all election-related processes.
There are challenges facing votes count process, but IECC has assured that all election-related complaints will be addressed. Voters as well as presidential candidates have also asked the electoral complaint commission to clearly respond the problems and address all complaints registered in the past two weeks.
More than 2 million people went out and cast their votes to their favorite candidates amid security challenges and threats posed by the Taliban fighters on September 28.
Afghan political experts insist that Afghanistan electoral commissions should maintain justice and share their works with the people at the right time.
They added that all critics and problems facing election process should be addressed and reviewed based on the elections law as violations of the law would not be accepted. Presidential candidates have informed of violation, fraud and corruption in electoral commissions and hoped that all election-related complaints and violations would be reviewed and addressed. Now, all wait whether electoral commissions have the capability to deal with process or not. EU ambassador to Afghanistan has also considered low turnout in September 28 presidential elections as technical problems, insecurity and unenthusiastic of the candidates to their election campaigns.
It is worth mentioning that based on timetable of IEC, it is determined that primary results of the presidential elections will be announced on October 19, while the final result will be announced in November.

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