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Equipped Afghan Air Force key to success of war on terror

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To bolster the campaign against insurgency in Afghanistan, strengthening Afghan Air Force is a key priority for the Afghan government and International allies. The Afghan government has been making efforts to equip the forces with modern technology so that to suppresses the terrorists in each and every corner of the country.
Afghanistan National Army and Afghan Air Force, as the two important pillars of Afghan National Defense and Security Forces, are being supplied and equipped with modern aircraft and military systems.
Recently, the United States, as a contributing nation to the NATO-led Resolute Support Mission, transferred four A-29 Super Tocano aircraft to the Afghan Air Force, during a ceremony in Kabul on Thursday.
The A-29 is the Afghan Air Force’s fastest and most powerful aerial interdiction and close-air-attack aircraft. The U.S. has now provided 18 A-29s to the Afghan Air Force since 2016, and plans to transfer an additional six in February 2021.
Since 2007, NATO has worked to rebuild and modernize the Afghan Air Force, first with the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF), and then under the Resolute Support Mission, which began in 2015. U.S. and Coalition advisors provide training, advice and assistance to the Afghan Air Force from the ministerial level down to the wing, group, and squadron levels.
Since 2015, Resolute Support’s modernization efforts have helped to transform the Afghan Air Force into some of Afghanistan’s most capable security forces. As a result of NATO-led train, advise, assist efforts, the Afghan Air Force now independently plans and executes logistics, resupply, humanitarian relief, casualty evacuation, and combat support missions.
In order to avoid civilian and reduce military causalities, Afghan forces should unquestionably maintain a strong air force. Given the vast distances and rugged terrain of Afghanistan, flying is quicker and safer for chasing down insurgents on the condition that the aircrafts are manned by only Afghan airmen.
With full control at disposal, Afghans will act as eagles in hunting terrorists sent from their well-known hotbeds across the imaginary borderline. In recent years, the Afghan air forces have shown remarkable achievements in destroying the terrorists’ drug factories, safe havens and their military training camps, which have resulted to victory for Afghan forces on different battlefields.
The Afghan government should do more to make it a top priority to strengthen Afghan Air Force, and convince the international community to do more in training its personnel and providing weaponry and aircrafts to the force. The Afghan government needs to do more through diplomatic means to ease concerns of the neighboring countries over the future of Afghan military and air force capabilities, and improve security cooperation with the neighboring countries aimed at removing any existing distrusts.
The Afghan government led by President Ghani has been more successful than the previous governments in persuading key international and regional partners to boost support for the Afghan army, particularly the country’s fledgling air force. The government should enhance efforts to persuade the major world and regional supporters of Afghanistan to speed up the efforts for building a sufficiently strong Afghan air force, so that to prevent safe havens of the terrorists in the country and provide a safe and sound environment for the people of the whole region.

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