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Environment challenges, citizens’ opinions

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By: Massouda Qarizada

Air and environment pollution in Afghanistan has been strongly increasing while no drastic measures have been adopted, as some of ecological changes cause serious challenges.
Increasing number of vehicles as well as greenhouse gases are one of the warning reasons of the earth warming in recent consecutive years that have affected many countries.
In some areas, warming of climate caused melting of ices and snows of high mountains caused devastating floods, outbreak of fatal diseases and destruction of agriculture fields, arable lands, orchards, gardens, houses etc.
Individual responsibility in this connection includes economizing in consumption of national energy resources, efforts for greenery of environment, education for dealing with garbages and reasonable exploitation of water resources this vital element of life.
One of the problems ahead of Kabul people is lack or shortage of hygienic potable water. Drilling of deep wells with a depth of at least 100 meter is another acute problem.
Another serious challenge is scarcity of potable water in schools and unhygienic available waters threaten students directly.
Razwan Komail a student of second grade in the center of Kabul said, “There are no water resources, reservoirs, neither canteens in schools and students are not allowed to have break. If parents give foods including chips, burger, juice or mineral water bottles to their children, the schools scouts confiscate them on the entrance.
In this hot summer season, students have to stay in warm classrooms approximately 5 hours in the morning and similar period in the afternoon hours. It is really intolerable for students in one hand and not allowing them to have break and confiscation of their foods and particularly water plus anxiety of their parents.
We would like to draw attention of relevant in charges to find a practical solution to this problem.
Marwa Safa Bahar a young student in Kabul complains on warm summer and shortage of potable water in schools both private and public. Specially in private schools that students have to pay fees but have to use unhygienic water.
Therefore, along quality and quantity control of schools the relevant officials of MoE should notice this issue too.
These unhealthy waters cause outbreak of different fatal diseases among students.
Existence of canteens inside schools are urgently needed.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.