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Ending culture of impunity through fighting corruption


KABUL: Counter corruption is an issue that after insecurity is being discussed everyday through political gatherings and being reflected in media.
From senior government officials, till ordinary individual speaking about existence of official corruption in government administrations, saying the official corruption organs concerned still didn’t take serious programs in hand in the connection.
Some people saying that great part of government organs have no capability to fight corruption, because they themselves are paving the way for resorting to corruption.
It is said that in the country, the government organs sufficed only to chant slogans and so far, no corrupt officials punished.
Great part of government employees having salary from 5000 Afs to 10000 Afs. But there are also more people who have relation with high ranking officials that with doing the same work, earn over $3000 per month. This itself is an act of injustice and causes increment of corruption in government body.
Any time that the government in charges chanting slogan of official corruption simultaneously, the reformation and counter corruption commissions are formed. The commissions themselves are sinking in corruption. So, either present government or former ruling administration fell short to fight the phenomenon. Because, the roots of corruption are deeper in administrations than we think about.
Head of Ulema council of Afghanistan says that majority administrations of government are corrupted. The religious scholars warned that they would unveil the names of corrupted via pulpits.
It is the voice of over 200 religious scholars who were attending in a session held in Kabul under the title of “pulpit voice against official corruption”. This session was held by Attorney General Office in Kabul. They criticized from expanding of official corruption in the country.
Head of Ulema council of Afghanistan, Qeyamuddin Kashaf regarded the pulpit of mosques stronger than media and wanted Ulema to use the pulpit for improvement of the society. He added that now, the official corruption spoiled the society of Afghanistan and majority of government organs are corrupted.
According to a fresh report released by the UN about official corruption in Afghanistan, within past year, despite efforts made by government of Afghanistan, judicial organs and parliament of Afghanistan did nothing for official corruption.
In a report of UNAMA, it is said that in Afghanistan, corruption is vast, inhumane and shamefully. Afghanistan is enumerated one of most corrupted nations in the world. The experts say that the tri-angle of insecurity, poverty and corruption is the main hurdle of stable expansion.
The office of European Union in Afghanistan says that ending to the culture of impunity is the main roadmap for countering financial and administrative corruption in this country.
This is in a time that the judicial center of official corruption has opened last year. The leading body of National Unity Government in inauguration ceremony of this center laid emphasize that in serious fighting against corruption, judicial center should be remained safe from political meddling. This center is opened after two years discussions and changing of views by government.
The president of the country has said that the aim of this center is investigation of accusations and heavy crimes, trust-building and trial of corrupted individuals.
Corruption is existed in a vast manner in all government institutions. Long time is need to dry its roots. Establishment of parallel administrations itself caused the corruption be created in the country.
In inaugural ceremony, Chief Executive laid emphasize that the activity of this administrations is a suitable alternative for rehabilitation of lost trust of government.
This center is established to speed up the investigation to the judicial cases void of any corruption and also creates harmony among judicial organs and giving suitable punishment to corrupted elements.
If the center be serious in this duty, the lost trust of people o government would be regained. The UNAMA says that the greatest challenge in fighting official corruption in Afghanistan is not need to reformation but, there is need the reforms to effective be performed.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.