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Endangered cultural heritages, historic monuments need to be protected: Minister

4حمل1400 کنفرانس خبری سرپرست وزارت اطلاعات فر هنگ در مورد ترمیم و بازسازی بالاحصار کابل با بنیاد الف دافا و بنیاد اغا خان ع بصیر

By: The Kabul Times

KABUL: Acting minister of information and culture Mohammad Tahir Zuhair in a meeting held the other day praised officials of international organizations operating for the protection and renovation of endangered cultural heritages and historic monuments of the country particularly the Kabul’s Bala Hissar.
In the meeting attended also by acting deputy minister of information and culture for art and culture and head of the ministry’s archaeology department, acting minister of information and culture said renovation of Kabul’s Bala Hissar would be followed by Aga Khan Foundation, praising the respected organizations for their support, acceleration and quality work in Kabul’s Bala Hissar renovation project.
He said that the country’s cultural heritages and historic monuments have suffered from continued war and violence in the country; therefore, they needed to be protected and renovated.
Acting minister of information and culture also recalled of Herat’s fifth minaret and other minarets and the country’s all other historic monuments and cultural heritages that were endangered and under possible destruction, saying that they all needed further protection and renovation.
“We need to start work on con- solidation and renovation of Bala Hissars of Balkh, Khost, Ghazni and other provinces,” Zuhair said, emphasizing the protection and renovation of Karwan Saraye Shash Pul, Jalalabad’s Hada, Buddha statues and historic mausoleums of the country.
In the meeting, an official of the French Archaeological Delegation in Afghanistan (French: La Délégation archéologique française en Afghanistan (DAFA) by briefing related to activities of the operation said DAFA was cooperating with Afghanistan in the field of protection the cultural heritages and was currently working in Kabul’s Bala Hissar archaeology project.
It is worth mentioning that the first phase of renovation work of Kabul’s Bala Hissar will take four years and at least an archaeology park is planned to be created in this locality.

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