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Empowering of female journalists, widows in Jowzjan

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By: Karima Malikzada

The Association of Jowzjan female journalists has managed to open several locations for empowering of female journalists and poor widows. The Association has made a number of women self-sufficient and recently activated a restaurant for poor and widows that was warmly welcomed by all local ladies.
In an interview with The Kabul Times reporter provincial representative of the Association Fatema Naik Rasooli said, a number of non-journalist women have referred to our association for economic support. So we opened cooking and tailoring courses for these needy women and published their voices and demands by media.
Talking on the ladies’ restaurant Rasooli added, since two weeks, we have opened tailoring and handicraft as well as cooking branches in our association. Our cooking branch supplies traditional foods and bread and provide job opportunities to a number of ladies. We started from Bolani and Mantoo and managed to find sufficient customers and pay salaries of our employees and purchase raw material from our income.

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She added, we plan to develop this branch and purchase and install microwaves from Kabul so our products be adaptable with norms and standard. We also plan to develop our restaurant but the advance of shops is very high for instance Afs 100000. We request cooperation of Sheberghan municipality.
Talking of situation of female journalists, she added, insecurity and other problems are common throughout Afghanistan. Economic problems and poverty and social difficulties are our basic problems. Due to traditional reasons, a number of families don’t allow their girls to work as journalists, for this reason more girls are not interested to take part in journalist activities.
She went on to say, we lack reporters. Due to economic problem we don’t afford to pay for students of journalism. So I work as reporter and editor of our magazine. We plan to open a secure photo studio for female journalists to learn photography.
Touching the holding of female journalists conference, Rasooli said, holing of such conferences is very useful for female journalists and through these conferences. Journalist get awareness on their rights and can remove problems ahead.

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