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Employment opportunities needed


By: Shukria Kohistani

The National Budget of 1399 fiscal year was approved by majority of votes of present members of the House. With approval of the budget, as the presidential greeting message to the House said, the way will be paved for on time implementation of plans and government projects in current fiscal year.
Now it is the time that the government budgeting bodies make their intention firm and implement their development projects as quick as possible, as prior to this the MoF had said that in 1399 fiscal year budget, further attention has been focused on development sections.
It is an urgent need because with prioritizing and quick implementation of development plans of budgeting units, in fact two basic goals of the government will be achieved. First more construction and rebuilding activities appear and the second, creation of employment opportunities for needy and eligible countrymen will take place.
Creation of job opportunities is the best and important means of counter-poverty drive in the country that is disturbing our people and its unpleasant outcomes have made our people disappointed. Data released on poverty are shocking.
The Ministry of economy in support of some international institutions released two data of this phenomenon that we realarming. The first data said that over half of Afghanistan population are living under the poverty line as the second data said that 54pc of people are living under the inclusive and multi-dimensional poverty line.
Releasing a report on lack of access of 14 million Afghan to sufficient food, the MoE said that large number of Afghan people are in urgent need of food aids.
No doubt one of the best solutions for poverty elimination is this to create job opportunities to jobless eligible people. Through this way, the rate of investment increases and employment opportunities will be available to people, and the government development projects will be implemented.
At present the unemployment ceiling is very high in the country and large number of eligible people walk from dawn to evening on Kabul streets and roundabouts of the big cities including capital Kabul to find a job and bring bread to their families but majority of them fail and go home with empty hands.
Increasing unemployment has not only caused expansion of scope of poverty and destitution in the country but has created countless other calamities too. Unwanted migration, displacements, continued insecurity and illegal actions like robberies, addiction, smuggling…. etc are parts of calamities which are connected to poverty and unemployment.
Poverty is one of the sources exploited by terrorist groups for recruitment of militants. It is needed that jobs be created for eligible people at every cots. On time implementation of government development plans and programs of budgeting units are the best way of creating employment. 

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.