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Employment facilities provided to 41,000 residents in Kabul

By: Shukria Kohistani
KABUL: Following coronavirus outbreak and lockdown of various cities in Afghanistan, thousands of Afghans have lost their work and become unemployed in the country. The number of unemployed and those who have lost their jobs in Kabul is increasing day by day due to high level of the population. To address this problem, presidential office operation department has prepared a plan based on which 41,000 residents of Kabul are provided with jobs. Based on the plan, all surface water of Kabul will be managed and the city will get green.
According to presidential office operation department, nearly 11,350 people have been appointed as workers for the program so far and the process is ongoing and implemented by National Development Company, which has been recently created after a number of government enterprises were merged. The company has recently constructed Herat’s COVID19 hospital in 20 days and currently the company has started implementation of the program in six zones of the capital.
“National Development Company is implementing a plan based on which 41,000 residents of Kabul are appointed as workers to manage surface water of the city, improve environment and green the city,” said Mohammad Mustafa Navid, advisor to the National Development Company.
According to advisor to the respective company, currently work to implement the program is underway as nearly 11,350 people have been appointed as workers in six zones of Kabul, the capital.
“To better implement the project, Kabul has been divided into six zones as Darul Aman, Qargha, Deh Sabz, Bagrami and Wasilabad,” Navid said, adding that it is a one-year project and work on the project has already started and will cover Qurogh, Wasilabad, Bagrami and Gospand dara mountains as well as Qasaba, Dasht-e-Patola and Chelsetoon.
Regarding to modality of appointment of workers, Navid said that National Development Company was appointing workers from all six zones of Kabul and priority in appointment of workers was given to those living in vicinity of the projects.
As Kabul city has faced with lack of water in particular underground water in recent years, digging trenches is considered as one of the best way for controlling and absorption of the surface water; therefore, National Development Company has taken the responsibility to dig trenches and holes in outskirts of Kabul mountains through which surface water of Kabul coming from rainfalls and snow is absorbed and controlled.
Based on information, holes and trenches which will be dug by National Development Company will be 5m length and 70m depth and through this way surface water of Kabul is absorbed and controlled.

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