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Emergency Committee on COVID-19 prevention holds meeting

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By: The Kabul Times

KABUL: Chaired by Second vice-president Mohammad Sarwar Danesh, the Emergency Committee for prevention of coronavirus has held meeting in which the Public Health Minister warned that hundreds of thousands of people are feared to be affected by the disease if not controlled, a statement said Tuesday.
Second Vice-President instructed the Ministry of Interior and Ministry of Public Health to launch mobile health teams at the country’s cities particularly Kabul to check the coming passengers into the cities, and provide report about their work to the next committee meeting, said a statement from the vice-president office.
Speaking on the issue, Minister of Public Health, Dr. Firozuddin Firoz quoted a report from the World Health Organization that hundreds of thousands of people are feared to be affected by the illness, so there is a urgent need for soon construction of emergency hospitals for up to 6,000 potentially patients across the country.
“At present the capacity for construction of 2,000 bed hospitals are available,” said the minister of public health asking the entire government administrations to act responsibly considering the urgency of the issue.
In western Herat province, the epicenter of the imported virus from Iran, the public health minister suggested that the province should quarantined and curfew should be imposed during the days.
Religious scholars were also asked by the emergency committee meeting to raise public awareness among the people and the related organs to provide awareness brochures and distribute among the people.
The vice-president asked the appointed committee of the Kabul city has to collect the anti-coronavirus related suggestions in a single package and submit to the Emergency Committee on Prevention of Coronavirus to take necessary decision about.
Also issues relating to Friday prayers and going to the congressional mosques along with other unnecessary gatherings including funeral ceremonies of coronavirus affected people have been discussed in the meeting. With the initiative of the religious scholars a meeting was held with releasing a statement on how to prevent unnecessary gatherings and how to burn the virus affected dead.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.