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Elimination of violence against women requires cooperation of all institutions

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16 days of campaign on elimination of violence against women ended.
Under the title of “We should make the world orange”, and also hear of me, this campaign was held on behalf of National Unity Government and UNAMA.
The aim of this campaign was reducing of violence against women and institutionalization of achievements in the connection.
In a ceremony which was held in this respect last Monday at Sapidar Palace, Chief Executive (CE) Dr. Abdullah Abdullah regarded violence against women as a big social problem that impressed healthy of society and the process of expansion in the country.
Laying emphasize that despite promotions, still, there are varieties of violences in various levels of society and people suffer from it, he said in backward countries and those who are involving with war, this phenomenon has deep root. Because, war expands violence and make the problem more problematic.
Dr. Abdullah asserted that fighting with violence against women needs attention and cooperation of all and this work is not implemented by one or few government institutions.
All are responsible to fight against violence imposed on women.
CE also added that this mission needs further measure and certain budget and possibilities are needed to address this problem.
This statement hinted at two very important issues in effectiveness of campaign against violence imposed on women.
First, campaign against violence that women are suffering is not the work of one or few government organs and second, this campaign needs budget, attention and certain possibilities.
The reality is also the same.
As violence against women is an institutionalized matter and historical that has complicated dimensions and various angles and different issues such as institutionalized, strong social traditions as well as old cultural phenomena are linked with.
This thought supports incorrect lessons given mistaking from Islamic Sharia instructions.
It is difficult to say with approval of laws and holding of few conferences and scientific meetings or confiscation and trial of few persons who violate law of violence against women, we end this heinous phenomenon. As CE Dr, Abdullah has suggested this campaign needs cooperation and attention of all institutions including religious, social and political ones.
Few work should be executed simultaneously to address the goal, culture making should be promoted, the people’s religious awareness should be enhanced, the level of acquaintance to Islamic Sharia should be promoted, serious campaign should be made with those phenomena that have negative impacts on living situation of women etc. finally with effect approach, negative traditions replaced by healthy and positive nature.
Likewise, legal and judicial institutions should be strengthened and rule of law and government sovereignty should be expanded to remotest areas of territory of our country.
As it was mentioned before, all institutions should join hand to address this goal.
What programs which are taken in hand by government or non-government organs are met.
Despite much achievements, they didn’t eliminate violence against women as a whole.
It is necessary the programs and measures are in hand to be revised, their weak points should be changed into strong ones and increase their effectiveness more.
As CE. Dr, Abdullah mentioned this campaign needs certain possibilities and budget.
It is necessary the budget and possibilities needed in the connection should be provided.
This in turn also is in need of transparency that the budget to be spent as transparent and effectively and embezzlements be prevented.
Previously, there were some critics that a great quantity of budgets allocated for fighting against violence on women etc, were embezzled.
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