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Elimination of drugs requires national, international campaign


Despite of elapse of over 17 years, Afghanistan is still one of the biggest drug producers in the world and policies of the Afghan government failed to prevent poppy cultivation, drug production and trafficking.
Although the Afghan government has made efforts in the direction of elimination of poppy fields, and drug production but there were certain reasons that caused these efforts to fail. Therefore elimination of this nasty phenomenon requires national, international effort.
Drug traffickers are main supporters and funders of terrorist groups in different parts of our country as supporting terror nets, they use their area of domination for poppy cultivation and drug production and traffic drugs with cooperation of terrorists.
Increasing drug trafficking and addiction has strongly affected our security and stability. Poppy cultivation is common in volatile provinces of Helmand and Badghis that produce more drugs because the terror networks control some districts in these areas that caused increase of poppy cultivation and drug trafficking.
At the same time the drug mafia tries these provinces to remain insecure to manage to cultivate poppy and produce drugs and invest its income for supply of weapons and animations and continue proxy war against the Afghan people.
Drug mafia is one of the main reasons of insecurities in the north of the country as mafia nets attempt to exploit insurgencies and influence into central Asia markets and through it to European and global customers and intensify war on terror in Afghanistan.
If increasing drug production continues in this way, it would damage Afghanistan global image as most people of the world recognize Afghanistan as a war-hit drug producing country. Poppy cultivation and drug production has strongly overshadowed our society. Change of this metamorphosed image requires decisive war against drug cultivation and production.
For over one and half decade, the Afghan government has been investing huge sums in war on terror and has undertaken different plans and programs but despite of that increasing poppy cultivation and drug production indicate that all these measures lacked essential effectiveness and require serious revision.
Beside that strong determination must be created inside the government for war on terror, because lack of their firm intention for elimination of poppy cultivation was one of the main reasons of government failure in war on drugs and terror and continuation of this situation directly affects government plans.
Until universal commitment is not existed on war on terror, and drugs, Afghan war on drugs would be ineffective as Afghanistan has been the first victim of drugs. Although the US, UK and UN have contributed certain aids in this direction but these aids have been very slight and produced no remarkable output.
Poppy cultivation, existence of addiction and lack of regional commitment are among the major regional and global challenges.
Constant drug consumption, high demands and increasing drug production are constant factors behind this tragedy. The Afghan government cannot fight alone with this sinister calamity and a sincere global contribution is needed. Majority of experts and analysts believe that security of Afghanistan is affected by drugs. Afghanistan takes slight advantages from drugs income while the world mafia who is behind terrorism, gets maximum profits. Beside imposed devastating proxy war, we have sustained heavy damages of drug.
Suraya Raiszada

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.