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Electronic public libraries

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By: Shukria Kohistani

The plan for digitizing of public libraries was not implemented due to lack of professional human forces, technical resources, suitable place, and budget while the plan was prepared two years ago by the Directorate of Public Libraries as the goal behind the plan was to electronic unique books available in public libraries as common people have no access to them.
Talking to media, Director of Afghanistan Public Libraries Hamiduallah Shahrani, said “There was urgent need for electronic of libraries in order to protect the works of researchers.
He clarified that with implementation of digitalizing of libraries, the demand of applicants to have access to unique works will be met.
He added, “they are not allowed to digitalize all written works and books and for this purpose need permission of the author and writer based on copyright law. We try to electronize all scientific” books and works.
Disconnecting of public libraries to internet and lack of electronic books and works have faced large number of applicants with challenges. Our public libraries have not been connected to internet yet. For this propose we have contacted with the MoCIT but no cooperation was made so far and only given technical advice.
Shahrani went on to say, a number of public libraries lost all their assets due to devastating wars and violence’s and most books were damaged. Its present, Kabul public libraries have accommodated over 5000 books which is not accountable to demand of applicants.
Talking on the construction of a new complex for Kabul public libraries, Shahrani said, “We have suggested establishment of a new complex library IVO Kabul University that would accommodate about 3 million books. The complex would include one librarianship institute, library special to children, teenagers, persons with disabilities, book exhibition and a research center.
Reporting on the digitizing of libraries in universities, spokesman of the MoHE Faisal Amin said, “We have entered a number of books for this purpose in Kabul and provincial universities into the database and all its expenditures will be financed from the development budget of the MoHE.
Amin went on to say, the MoHE tries to register and protect lecturers’ work and has planned a new system for this purpose. Citizens welcome this step and called it useful and cheap and easy to applicants.

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