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Electricity shortage causes major problems for Kabul residents


Kabul residents are facing with problems due to lack of electricity and electricity load-shedding as the weather in the city is getting warmer day by day.
In interviews with The Kabul Times correspondent, Kabul residents say despite of hot weather, Da Afghanistan Breshna Sherkat (DABS) by daily load-shedding of electricity creates problems to the people who use coolers and fans in their houses to fight hot weather.
“We face with six hours electricity load-shedding during the mid-day when the weather gets hotter,” said Rohullah, a Kabul resident, asking DABS to resolve the problem.
He said that Afghanistan annually spent lots of money buying electricity from Turkmenistan, but unfortunately Kabul, the capital was still facing with shortage of electricity.
Nahid, another Kabul resident, says most of the people in the city are using coolers and fans to fight hot weather in the summer season and usually avoid going outside, but they face with problems of temporary and sometimes long-hoursload-shedding in the city.
During summer season, the weather usually gets hotter in some provinces of Afghanistan in particular Kabul where the weather is getting hotter day by day. Concerns of Kabul residents have increased amid increasing of electricity load-shedding in the city.
Nevertheless, a spokesperson to Da Afghanistan Breshna Sherkat (DABS) says the company is facing with shortage of electricity and cannot fully maintain needed electricity for Kabul residents.
“We have four straight hours electricity load-shedding and is implemented in mid-day and during the night hours,” DABS spokesperson Wahidullah Tawhidi said, adding that the problem of lack of electricity in the capital could not be resolved very soon.
Tawhidi further said that lack of electricity in Kabul would continue until end of the current year and the company had no option except implementing electricity load-shedding in the city.
He asked the people not to use the electricity too much to avoid further load-shedding. He assured of addressing problem of electricity in Kabul until end of the current year as the capital is to be connected to 2,000 megawatt electricity determined to be imported from Turkmenistan.
According to DABS spokesperson, 300 megawatt imported electricity from Turkmenistan and Tajikistan, 40 megawatt from Naghlu hydropower dam and 40 megawatt electricity produced by generators maintain Kabul electricity, which is not enough.
In the meantime, electricity cut in Herat in recent days has raised concern of people in western Herat province where 30 megawatt of electricity which is imported from Iran provides electricity to the people in the city of Herat.
Shukria Kohistani

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