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Electoral campaigns, security threats


While the electoral campaigns have entered its sixth day, security concerns and possible unpleasant incidents have overshadowed this process. Candidates are concerned for their private security or security of their supporters, meetings and gatherings.
Concerns from security threats emanates from this, the armed insurgents including Haqqani network, Taliban, ISIS have already expressed their disagreement with election and in the past, some of the election components like, ID distribution, voters registration as well as some of the candidates and IEC employees were targeted, killed or injured.
Meanwhile a suicide bomber has struck an election rally in the country’s eastern Nangarhar province, martyring at least 13 people and wounding more than 30 here yesterday.The attack took place in the province’s Kama district on Tuesday afternoon where supporters had gathered to back the campaign of an independent candidate in Afghanistan’s parliamentary elections scheduled for Oct. 20.
At present, over 20 terror groups are active in Afghanistan, dominating several districts, villages and populated places in remote rural areas and they have gradually penetrated in these areas due to certain reasons and attack ANDSF and civilians.
The terrorists would try to target polling stations, candidates, voters and IEC facilities and employees and disrupt the election process.
Possible insecurity on polling day, has made concerned female candidates more than males and they would refuse to attend polling stations on election day specially in remote villages and districts.
At present female candidates campaign merely going on in cities and urban areas and would cause fewer female candidates to be elected and the upcoming parliament would be with minimum female lawmakers.Nowadays most candidates have strongly concentrated their campaigns in big cities and we seldom witness their electoral campaigns in remote rural areas.
According to available reports, electoral campaigns of candidates are fading in most districts and they have either not started it or not visible while large part of eligible voters are inhabitants of villages and remote districts and they should identify their favorite candidates and then vote to them.
If no measures adopted for removal of these concerns and no way is paved for the candidates’ electoral campaign in remote rural villages and districts, most likely the election process would be overshadowed.
Lack of electoral campaign would naturally reduce interests of people in those areas and prevent their vast participation in polling stations and would fail to elect deserving candidates.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.