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Electoral campaigns, danger of social polarizations

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By: The Kabul Times

Electoral campaigns of presidential elections candidates are being slowly entered their second month. Although being considered fading, but these campaigns have never been stopped and continued in different forms. Each of these electoral teams have been trying through launching gatherings, distribution of Brushers, installation of Billboards, photos and placards, participation in TV-roundtables and debates and launching of extensive meetings on social media…. Etc to explain their basic plans and programs for next day of election and their possible victory to citizens so to gain their trust and vote.
One of the negative points in this process has been certain efforts at least by second and third rank activists of electoral tickets rellying on relevant issues to ethnicity, language religion and… to manage to influence into social classes and as if get more votes on election day in the benefit of their favorite candidates. This gesture has created the deepening risk of social polarizations and widening of gap between different classes of society.
Although since the outset of new chapter of national life of Afghan people that has been institutionalizing of democracy through holding of elections, efforts had been made to bridge all gaps in the benefit of farming of a national society and convergent social ranks that has sometimes been called as nation building and strengthening national unity and solidarity.
In the structure of electoral tickets either in the past or in upcoming presidential elections leading tribble figures have been deployed and inserted in their combination to remove this suspicion that as if this process is advancing towards nepotism. Leaders and leading figures of each team are trying to display a trans-ethnic and trans-linguistic and nationwide goals.
But as it was earlier pointed out that in these gestures and activities of some tickets it has been frankly seen that have ethnic, trible, religious and nepotist odor and color and smell of disunity is concepted from them and some activists are more active in social media pages relevant to electoral teams, beat the dram of disunity fearlessly and give trible and ethnic and linguistic odor and color to relevant issues. This has caused this danger to be distinguished that this process be led deliberately or undeliberately towards social polarization among the Afghan people.
This is precisely against lofty national interests of our people and is illegal and unlawful according to available laws and procedure and bill of electoral campaigns while both, laws and procedures oblige candidates and their teams to avoid discussion of controversial issues.

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