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Elections; the only legitimate way for transition of power

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Several Afghanistan locals go over the election ballots before voting in the heavily anticipated Afghanistan elections, Aug. 20, Barg e Matal, Afghanistan.

By: Lailuma Noori

Presidential election campaigns were kicked off the other day and only few candidates by holding various gatherings briefed their programs and plans to the people.
It is determined the campaigns will continue for two straight months and end on 25 September. 18 candidates including President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani and chief executive Dr. Abdullah Abdullah have registered for the upcoming presidential elections set to be held on 28 September.
Afghans consider elections as the only legitimate way for transition of power in the country, but stressing on transparency of the elections.
Afghan political experts believe that transparency in elections is a principle as maintaining transparency is the right of the people. It means that the people have the right to both take part in elections and cast their votes to their favorite candidate and have the right to be aware of the process’s transparency and result of their votes. This can be possible only when their votes are handled with honesty and all election-related processes are reviewed clearly and transparently.
All somehow talk on transparency in elections as the people, presidential candidates and analysts as well as media officials have stressed on fair and transparent presidential elections. On the other hand, continued efforts by international and domestic election observers can help reduce or limit motivations for intentional fraud and violation in election process.
Fraud and violation in election process can be one of imaginable challenges during the upcoming presidential election process, but pavement for violation and possible fraud can be reduced when there is serious determination and intense observation on the elections.
Work of members of Afghanistan Independent Election Commission will be in accordance to the law and effort will be made to avoid law violation during the process. IEC has also assured of timely, fair and transparent presidential elections.
Holding the upcoming presidential elections will take place on its exact date as President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani has said it is the obligation of the government to provide all necessary resources for holding the coming elections, maintain security and prevent from any interferences during the election process. Holding presidential election has a positive perspective and that is the people still believe in mechanism of the election and democratic system although the previous elections had faced with increasing frauds and violations.
All preparations are underway for timely holding the coming presidential elections despite of increasing security challenges in many parts of the country as well as the ongoing peace talks between US delegates and representatives of the Taliban group.
It is worth mentioning that the number of voters who can cast their votes during the upcoming presidential election has reached to 9 million. According to IEC officials, a considerable number of people have registered to participate in upcoming presidential elections.

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