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Election results; big test for IEC

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September 28 Presidential elections was held amid serious security threats and political doubts although turnout was a little low. During the election day, some irregularities were reported as problem in voting lists, not using biometric devices and late opening of some voting centers in the country. These irregularities had somehow impacts on low turnout on the election day.
Independent Election Commission (IEC) was not able to cut down most of irregularities despite of efforts made by IEC for management of biometric devices, training of employees and deploying experts in the past few months.
In some polling centers in the country, a number of voters faced with problems finding their names missing from the voter lists. Now, it is the responsibility of IEC and IECC to address all irregularities happening during the election day.
But, despite of all challenges and problems, the September 28 Presidential election was considered as a key step towards consolidation of democracy in the country as the people voted for the republic and said “no” to emirate-e-Islamic.
By ending the voting process, the people are waiting now to see results of their votes cast during the election day. Now, the electoral commissions are responsible for declaring the results with full transparency as the people went out to cast their votes for their favorite candidates amid of serious security threats posed by terrorist groups.
Legitimacy of final results depends on capabilities of members of Afghanistan electoral commissions. Leadership of Independent Election Commission should professionally make effort to collect ballots and declare final results so that the people see results of their clean votes that can give legitimacy to the future government.
Indepdent Electoral Complaints Commission (IECC) is, on the other hand, responsible to address and report complaints that have been registerd in the past week as transparently addressing all complaints can help legitimize votes cast by the people during the election day.
What has recently confused the people’s minds is predugments over results of the September 28 Presidential elections. A number of condidates and their teams have prejiudged and declared themselves winner of the elections, which is against the law. Candiates should give chance to electoral bodies to do their job and candidates and their teams should avoid premature victory.
Based on election laws, presidential condidates and their teams should submit any complaints or documents to electoral complaints commission if they have regarding illegularities in the election, or they should avoid any remarks that can harm the whole process.
It is worth mentioning that ballot boxes had been transferred from all districts to provincial capitals and it is said that all electoral materials will soon arrive in Kabul. Nearly 2.6 million votes were recorded in Saturday’s presidential election, according to IEC. IEC says, preliminary results from the vote are scheduled to be announced on October 19.

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