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Election results announcement & people’s anticipations

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By: Suraya Raiszada

Afghans went out and took part in the 28 September Presidential elections and cast votes for their favorite candidates amid of threats posed by terrorist groups in particular the Taliban. Afghans have once again proved to the world that they would like to take active part in selection of their destiny and future for their country.
Afghans have fulfilled their responsibility for successfully holding presidential elections, but what important for those who have voted is the transparency in the process. Officials for Afghanistan Independent Election Commission had promised that they would announce the primary results of the elections on 19 October, but the results were not announced on the respective day due to some reasons.
Now, the people are waiting to hear preliminary results of the September 28 presidential elections through IEC as soon as possible but with full transparency and impartiality. Although the September 28 Presidential elections were held amid of increasing threats and fear, the process was welcomed in national and international levels and all sides have declared for supporting the process.
The United Nations, US, Britain, EU member countries, regional and neighboring countries while stressing on transparency and independency of Afghanistan Independent Election Commission have considered successfully holding of the elections as a sign for strengthening democracy in the country.
Currently, Afghanistan situation is tangible; therefore, presidential candidates, electoral watchdog organizations, social media networks and media organizations should avoid early announcement of any possible results, instead they should give chance to electoral bodies to do their job with full transparency and independency.
Afghan political experts believe that Afghanistan is a country with hundreds of challenges and problems; therefore, hasty decision regarding announcement of preliminary results of the September 28 elections would lead the country to crisis. Meanwhile, different statistics in connection with turnout of the people in the elections are shared in social media, but electoral bodies have said anything shared in social media was not correct.
A number of electoral watchdog agencies in Afghanistan have considered the September 28 Presidential elections as more transparent than any previous elections in the country, but saying that the turnout was very low comparing to previous elections. “Afghans said no to vicious plans of the enemies and took part in the September 28 Presidential elections and said yes to democracy; therefore, electoral bodies should protect clean votes cast by the people during the Election Day,” electoral watchdog agencies stressed. It is worth mentioning that election is the only option for selection destiny of citizens; therefore, there should be no interference in works of the electoral bodies as any interference in affairs of the electoral bodies can harm the image of the bodies in national and international levels.

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