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Election brings welfare, prosperity

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Hundreds of thousands of people, across the country, are prepared to attend the polling stations and cast their votes for their favorite candidates on Saturday.
Men, women and eligible boys and girls are ready to join the September 28th presidential election to determine their own future by their own.
They would not forced to use their votes in favor of a special candidate. But they and their verdicts, under the democratic system, are admired, when they choose their own leader independently.
September 28 is a fate-making day, when we want to end political challenges and choose our political leader by our own choice.
Security would improve, economy would strengthen, human rights would restore and most importantly peace process would be discussed via a strong address.
Ethical and administrative corruption, militancy, bullying and all kinds of mayhems and confusions would be ended, when we go to the polling centers and elect our future leaders.
Now, reports received from across the country saying that people, including men and women were asking the Taliban not to disturb the process and allow the people to vote.
Women in Ghazni province have pledged to take part in the destiny making process, despite threats from militants or any other rival groups.
The government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and the people are asking the entire government armed oppositions to compete via the legal voting process to reach power, rather to persist on destruction and bloodshed campaigns.
The Taliban group, by warning the people taking part in the process, would get nothing. They instead, should evacuate the area for the voters and do their best to help the people use their rights and perform their responsibility, if they call themselves people supporters and respecting their legal rights.
In many parts of the country, security is not reportedly good and people are complaining that the Taliban are behind the possible challenges and they feel fear to go to the polling centers.
So far, hundreds of people, mostly civilians are killed or wounded, in the militants’ attacks to the government institutions and public facilities.
This is not good. The Taliban who are the key side of peace talks, should not resort to what is against the spirit of the process.
They did not declare truce nor obeyed ceasefire that announced by the government, during the long periods of peace negotiations. Even despite repeatedly demands of the people and the US peace negotiators.
Likewise, they should be noted that the stalled peace talks would be resumed after the process and the Taliban can take part in a fully intra-Afghan dialogue.
But as we are under a sensitive time, and millions of people are expected to queue around the polling centers to cast their votes, they should avoid attack not shed the bloods of innocents. However, the country’s security forces are on alert to respond any military momentums and react against any potential militants’ attacks.
Once again, the entire people across the country are asked to attend the landmark election, which is a clear message of democracy in the country and excercise their Afghan feelings to vote.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.