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Effectiveness of offensive approach against enemies

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A U.S. Marine with Marine Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Squadron 1 pushes an RQ-7B Shadow UAV following its landing at Camp Leatherneck, Afghanistan in this November 10, 2011 USMC handout photo obtained by Reuters February 6, 2013. To match Exclusive AFGHANISTAN-DRONES/ U.S. Marine Corps/Sgt. Eric D. Warren/Handout via Reuters/File Photo ATTENTION EDITORS - THIS IMAGE HAS BEEN SUPPLIED BY A THIRD PARTY. FOR EDITORIAL USE ONLY.

The government of Afghanistan instructed security and defensive forces to change their offensive approach towards threats of terrorist groupings and attack and suppress those enemies’ individuals and groupings who intended to target the government installations.
This means that the defensive approach to be changed into offensive one.
The government security and defence forces should attack on enemies’ fronts, individuals and groupings that martyr our security forces of the country.
The aim behind this decision is enhancement of casualties of our forces caused by deadly attacks of terrorists.
According to a report released recently by a government source, within one year, the security and defence forces of the country sustained 280000 casualties caused by attacks of the enemies.
This is a mourningful news for the people and government of Afghanistan.
Based on its peaceable policy, the government of Afghanistan concentrated its attention towards peaceful efforts for reduction of violence and bloodletting in the country and before Taliban who was resorting to fellowship and was endeavoring to make them satisfied with abandoning of violence and accepting of peace process.
Based on the same, the security and defence forces of the country concentrated their activities on defence and were entering to action in a time that were attacking by the enemies to make the enemies inclined to leave violence and join peace process negotiation.
Last year, the government proclaimed two times unilateral ceasefire and in second meeting of Kabul-process held in winter of 1394 solar year, offered the draft of seven-phased peace and demanded from government armed opponents to refrain from violence and war and for ending of violence to join peace negotiations, the issue that sometimes the government was criticizing. Because, the enemies would think they are the conquer of battlefield and were resorting to killing and bloodletting and were creating violence and barbarism. In such a state, realization of peace is impossible, but for reaching to peace, the enemies should become weaken how much to think they are not winners of battlefield. If they continue violence should be eliminated.
The work of enemies is based on creating harass and barbarism and through this, they want to prevail on the situation and achieve their dirty goals.
Now, that the government of Afghanistan is determined and instructed the security and defence forces of the country to inflict heavy blows on the enemies and change their defencive approach into offensive one.
Simultaneously, two work should be done.
First, all the enemies gathering and command centers should be targeted especially those centers that are located at the sidelines of the cities and populated areas. Second, it is necessary this policy should be continued till the security threats be completely annihilated from abovementioned areas and the ground for motivation of the enemies be eradicated. Because, previously, the experiences time and again showed, with accepting of much sacrifies, the security and defence forces of the country cleared the area from existence of the enemy, but after elapsing of short time, the enemies once again captured the conquered areas.
The main reason was this that during military operations of our defence and security forces the enemies flee to remote areas and after ending of operations, they return back.
So, it is necessary the enemies be pursued till the last entrenchment and the last individual of them.
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