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Effectiveness of NATO forces’ new role in Afghanistan war

nato increases the number of troops in afghanistan

Besides that Afghan National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF) have been able to have key role in most of military operations in the country, US and NATO forces also take part in combat missions and training of ANDSF personnel.
The newly-appointed US and NATO general commander to Afghanistan Gen. Austin Scott Miller has said that US and NATO forces have also taken combat role in battlefields besides taking part in mentoring and training Afghan forces.
Afghan military experts believe that presence of foreign forces in battlefields can be very effective and help boost combat morale and military tactics of Afghan security forces.
“Presence of US and NATO forces is very important in Afghanistan battlefields. They should share their experiences with Afghan defense and security forces in battlefields. Moreover, the coalition forces should further train and provide more combat equipment to the ANDSF,” said Abdul Hadi Khalid, former deputy minister of interior.
Another Afghan military expert and retired general Atiqullah Amarkhil in an interview with The Kabul Times correspondent said: “It is quite obvious that US and NATO forces can play vital role in prevention of the enemies’ attacks and defeating them in battlefields. Presence of US and NATO forces in battlefields can help increase morale of Afghan security forces.”
“If the international community really wants to help ANDSF stand on their feet and take full combat responsibility against terrorist groups in the country, they should not neglect in strengthening, training and equipping the Afghan security forces. Moreover, Afghan intelligence that can play key role in identifying armed insurgent groups’ leaders and commanders, should be fully supported,” Gen. Amarkhil added.
He further said that presence of US and NATO forces in battlefields could also help prevent increased casualties of Afghan security forces.
Meanwhile, Afghan defense and security officials say all know that war in Afghanistan is war on terrorism and extremism and has been imposed on Afghans; therefore, US and NATO member countries and those suffering terrorism and extremism should help and support Afghanistan win the war.
They believe that currently Afghan National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF) are new; therefore, they need further training, equipment and support. They asked that US and NATO should help the forces stand on their feet.
It is worth mentioning that Afghan Defense and Security Forces have been able to take full responsibility of maintaining security of all big cities of the country and have now high combat capabilities and professionalism comparing to previous years and are able to independently defend their country and people.

Suraya Raiszada

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