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Effectiveness of Int’l community’s assistance to Afghanistan

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Billions of dollars has been donated by various donor countries to Afghanistan during the past 17 years. Although foreign aids and assistance to Afghanistan have been effective as there are considerable developments in various sectors in the country, there is still insecurity in many parts of the country where the people witness suicide attacks and explosions in daily basis.
A number of Afghan political experts and civil society activists in their interviews with The Kabul Times correspondent believe that aids and assistance that have been pledged and granted through various international summits to Afghanistan have been effective as the country witnesses today various developments in different fields.
“Current presence of the international community in Afghanistan is key for the people and government of our country as they can help the country until it gets sufficiency,” said Aziz Rafiyee, head of Afghanistan Civil Society Forum.
He added that the government of Afghanistan should be responsive to the people in connection with aids and assistance granted by the international community to the country as the donor countries were anticipating that their assistance and aids were spent in a transparent way.
“Based on report provided by the government of Afghanistan in Geneva summit, Afghanistan government has been able to make use of the granted assistance up to 30 percent in some areas, while in some extents the assistance has been spent up to 70 percent in a better way, but it is not clear how much the report is accurate,” Rafiyee added.
He further said that foreign assistance to Afghanistan would be effective if the government had good planning, prioritize needs of the people and had exact number of the population.
On the other hand, a Kabul University lecturer and economist Saifuddin Saihoon says it has been the assistance of the international community to the people of Afghanistan that there is now a government that has relations with all countries of the world.
“Reconstruction of roads, schools, bridges, developments in various fields as economic, political, education and higher education as well as security are all because of the assistance and aids provided by the international community to the people of Afghanistan,” Saihood said, adding that Afghanistan still needs continued assistance of the international community as the country is facing with various challenges.
Hashimi, another lecturer of Kabul University, believes that today Afghans would not face with increasing poverty in their country if the granted assistance of the international community has been spent in infrastructural areas.
He said that the granted assistance of the international community have not been funded in the field of construction factories, infrastructures and extraction of various precious mines in the country; therefore, the granted assistance has not been considerably effective.
It is worth mentioning that the international community has granted billions of dollar for reconstruction process of the country during the past 17 years.
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