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At least 30 people were martyred and over 70 others were wounded outside an educational center in the western part of Kabul city on Saturday evening. The incident happened in the Pul-e-Khoshk area of Dasht-e-Barchi after a suicide bomber detonated explosive close to the center, according to officials.
The Interior Ministry said that the suicide bomber was identified by security guards at the center and detonated his explosives before reaching his target.  “Most of the victims are young and teenagers,” according to officials.
The Saturday attack on education center was widely condmend by a number of national and international organizations, calling for an end to the violence and urging Taliban to pave the way for lasting peace in the country.
President Ghani in a statement underscored that while the Consultative Peace Jirga decided and approved the release of 6,100 Taliban prisoners, and in spite of the frequent calls by the Afghan government and people and the international community on the Taliban to end the war and bloodshed and agree to a ceasefire; the Taliban still continue to escalate violence and protract their illegitimate war.
Indeed, education centers have been frequently attacked by the different terrorist groups in Afghanistan. These terrorist groups assume such institutions as the foundations that produce apostates. However, terrorism experts argue that the real cause of the fear of the terrorist groups of the education centers is that they are deemed as an antidote to terrorism.
Although Taliban have always denied their involvement in attacks on educational centers, but Afghan people and government blame the group for paving the ground for other terrorist networks to carry out their destructive activities in the country.
Attacks on educations are attacks on the future of Afghanistan; thousands of girls and boys could not attend schools and universities due to unknown future and endless war. Meanwhile Taliban have destroyed and even burned many schools across the country to prevent young generation’s access to education.
No nation has changed his fate without seeking and protecting educations. It is believed that education is the best strategy to a sustainable development and to a secure Afghanistan in the long term. Meanwhile education is the foundation of all infrastructures which means the whole environmental, social, cultural, political and economic challenges rooted to this great issue.
In the last four decades of war and bloodshed in the country, most of the Afghan boys and girls were deprived of education that led to slow economic growth and development in the country. the country’s enemies have always tried to target schools, mosques and social places to bring about disunity among the Afghan masses.
The enemies of Afghanistan understand that education is the only tools that can rescue the country. Therefore, it is of immense important for the country and people to step up further efforts in supporting the educational institutions and centers and join hand for prevention of such attacks.
Afghans have remained victims of terrorism and extremism in recent years, where Taliban and the so-called IS-K militants slaughtering Afghan people on daily basis. Despite of the national and international calls, Taliban continued to increase violence and delay the intra-Afghan talks.
Now it is the time for international community to take concrete steps for peace in the country and further push the Taliban militants to agree for a humanitarian ceasefire in the country.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.