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Education key to lasting peace

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In recent centuries many Mercantilist and Marxist scholars thought economy is the foundation of everything, but in modern era it is widely believed that education and human thinking power is the foundation of everything. There are many countries in the region that have a lot of economic resources, but still considered as under-developed and weak countries due to paying less attention on education.
In fact, education is considered as infrastructure of all other infrastructures. Means, no real development will occur in any parts of human lives unless invest on education. Today the number of universities, quality educational centers and overall, the level of science production in a country considered as determining variables in social and political development.
But teachers in Afghanistan faces many ups and downs. The plight of teachers, the guiders of our society, remains untold in media. In western world, teaching is a very honorable profession and teachers have great social reputation, but it’s the opposite in our country. Teachers are paid the least. This is a profession when people are failed everywhere, they join teaching profession. In Afghanistan teachers get the lowest salary in the world.
At the beginning of the new year 2021, the Afghan parliament said would not approve the nation budget if attention not paid to the life and salary of the teachers. The Government pledged to increase their payments and that is yet to be implemented. Besides to this, schools in Afghansitan also lacking proper buildings and even don’t have enough teachers. Due to increasing security and low salary, government is yet to recruit enough teachers.
But despite of this, the Ministry of Education on Saturday said that there is a need for at least 50,000 new teachers for the country’s schools as the current number of instructors is not sufficient. Afghanistan’s schools have at least 220,000 teachers for 9.7 million students across the country.
The ministry says that one of their priorities was to hire teachers on contracts to use them in areas where we face shortage of teachers. Among lack of school buildings, textbooks and other educational facilities, lack of teachers is also said to be one of the major challenges facing the education sector in the country.
Indeed, studies show that social and economic development does not occur automatically. Countries that are highly developed today have a long history of providing free or highly subsidized education to the poor.
A review of their history suggests that the initial motivation for this schooling had a religious basis, but that as the public’s level of education and income rose, their demand for schooling rose, and the financial support from private donors was replaced or greatly augmented with public funds.
If poor countries wish to achieve high levels of national income, they need to provide public funding for the universal education of the poor, at least at the primary and secondary levels of schooling.
Afghanistan considered as one of the most exceptional countries in the world where many school-age children have no access to schooling, or they have access to the lowest quality education.
If we really want changes, we must put education at the top of national priorities. As it is the best way to reaching sustainable peace, stability, and brotherhood. The committed and expert human resources needed to control and manage the country’s affairs.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.