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Editorial: Avoid shedding bloods in 1400, instead work for peace


The solar year 1400 is another of the past dozens of new springs that the Afghans are still waiting for a lasting peace and security in their war-affected country.

Each spring, instead of being joyful and happy, brings wars, bloodshed and violence for the Afghans.

Numerous peace meetings took place between the Taliban group and the US as well as with the Afghan government, under the intra-Afghan peace negotiations.

Recently in Moscow, the capital of Russia, reports said that both sides agreed on the acceleration of peace talks

Four countries – the four, which have become stakeholders in the Afghan issues — the United States, Russia, China and Pakistan called on the two warring sides to reach an immediate ceasefire at the conference.

The country’s High Council for National Reconciliation head, Dr. Abdullah said the two sides have agreed on continuation and acceleration of the process after the Moscow conference. However, the two sides didn’t discuss any specific issues in the Friday meeting.

The meeting, few days before the new solar year, with a joint statement called on both negotiating sides to reach a peace deal and reduce violence and most importantly the Taliban not to launch any of their spring and summer offensives.

Troop withdrawal by the US, which depended on the restoration of ceasefire and reduction of violence by the Taliban, was also suspended, with the militants blaming Washington of not starting forces pullout from the country. However, following a peace deal with the group, last year the US said it would withdraw its troops by May 1 and is looking for support from the regional powers for its plans for the ongoing peace talks.

But, the Taliban are not expected to fulfil their commitment on peace as they failed in Doha, the capital of the Arab country of Qatar.

The peace was stalled over the militants’ failure to halt violence, because the group, instead, intensified violence and IEDs attacks on the security forces and the ordinary people.

Again, illegal armed groups regain power to insecure provinces, where dozens of people, including security forces were killed or wounded.

Reports in the country’s southern Ghazni province, said at least nine experienced security officials including two helicopter pilots lost their lives and several others wounded, after fighters loyal to an illegal armed group shot down the plane.

This is a matter of regret that those who claim working for strengthening the system, get involved in the killing of the country’s brave security forces who fought and are fighting the enemy of the country.

How much time needed to train a pilot and offer to the country’s armed forces and this really an unfortunate and worse situation, the Afghan people are facing by passing each year.

All these miseries are indefinitely caused by lack of peace and insecurities, which the militant groups are only behind.

So, if the Taliban want a real peace restored in Afghanistan, then they should work together and directly with the government side, rather to be waiting for what other malicious circles are saying or asking them to do.

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