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Economic problems effect on media productions’ quality

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Expansion of media is one of the achievements of government in freedom of expression and augmentation of thoughts in Afghanistan, while in other regional countries such freedom of expression and freedom of thought have no existence and people are deprived from access to metaphorical networks and free media.
So, every individual and official are responsible to protect and observe this great blessing in the country.
But unfortunately, within recent years, numerous problems from among them the economic one made extinguishedthe lamp of majority of media.
This article discusses about the factors, exacerbation and solutions of economic problems.
The important query is this that what is the relation of financial problems with lowering the quality of media commodities?
This research is conducted for evaluation of the role of economiccrisis in lowering of working quality of media and offering of roadmaps for its solution.
The results achieved in this research show that there is a relation between economy and quality of media.
Financial and economic crisis caused the quality of media commodity be lowered in Afghanistan.
Inattentions of incharges concerned to the economic situation of media and reduction of aids are enumerating from among financial crisis of media.
Unemployment of journalists and their fleeing from the country and media falling are the negative outcomes of TVs financial crisis.
A- Effective factors on media economy:
Numerous factors are introduced in economic and financial issue of media.
Domestic employees of networks, those who give awareness, propagators, political dependencies, commercial messages, productive quality, attraction of audience, cutting of aids of institutions, people’s income and cultural and traditional limitations, production of new programs and news, are from among important factors in economy of media.
B- Negative impacts of economic problems on media:
The financial and economic crisis of media in Afghanistan is enjoying from irreparable losses and outcomes.
One of its most dangerous harms is eradication of achievements earned within several years by government in the sector of media and freedom of expression. Government and its domestic and international partners as a result of indefatigable and long-term efforts did to establish the infrastructure of mass media in the country.
Unemployment and fleeing of journalists from the country is another outcomes and financial losses of media.
Today, hundreds journalists and youths are working in media and provide their means of subsistence through it.
With the collapse or weakness of media, all these youths become jobless.
Weakness and annihilation of democracy and freedom of expression is another losses and outcomes of falling down of media in Afghanistan.
It is to be said that every media that suspended, the voice of part of society becomes silent.
Media is one of pre-condition and pre-ground for democracy in a country. Sans media democracy and freedom of expression has no any privilege and utility.
C- Proposals and solutions:
The first proposal for solution of economic problems faced by media is serious attention of government and related incharges. They should encourage private institutions and merchants to support media.
Meritocracy is another roadmap for the solution of economic problems of media.
Media organizations should replace meritocracy instead of relation.
Expansion of media activities in various zones of geography, economy, politics, culture etc are another roadmaps that rescue media from collapse.
TVs should consider in production of their issues, verification, audience taste and cultures, so that all think they are the owners of media.
Rescuing of media from political, party, tribal, regional and lingual dependencies. Because, today, one of important factors behind economic crisis of media is dirty policies.
Media should be free so that to continue their activity.
The result:
1- Focusing to the theoretical and methodology of article, we reach to a result that there is a relation between financial crisis and collapse of media in Afghanistan.
This means that one of the main factors of lowering of quality of media productions is their dependency and economic crisis. This causes that majority of newspapers, Radios and TVs be depended to party, tribal and grouping policies.
2- Poverty and people’s living situation, cutting of aids and varieties of financial, political and party dependencies and non meritocracy in employment of media personnel cause financial crisis in media.
3- Financial crisis of media enjoying from much aftermaths and losses. Fleeing of elites and reporters from the country, joblessness of reporters and media personnel, lowering of working quality of media, increment of dependency of TV networks to political and commercial organs, annihilation of democraticy values and annihilation of several years achievements of government and people in this field are the most important outcomes of financial crisis of media in Afghanistan.
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