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Earth, environment pollutions cause horrible consequences

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International Earth Day is an annual event celebrated on April 22. On this day, humans are encouraged to make further effort to work for the improvement of environment situation and prevention from destruction of the land they’re living on.
In 1969 at a  UNESCO  Conference in San Francisco,  peace activist  John McC onnell proposed a day to honor the Earth and the concept of peace, while a month later, US Senator Gaylord Nelson founded the Earth Day as an environmental teach-in day.
Earth has a significant position in the life of humans. Environment protection is considered one of the biggest responsibilities of the people and citizens as we’re all members of human family; therefore, we should all hand a clean and sound earth over to coming generation. Earth is mother and is the most proper place for humans to live on. Thus, various events are held worldwide to demonstrate support for environmental protection.
Celebration of the International Earth Day is aimed to make residents of earth and cities aware that they should keep the earth clean. It is also aimed to enhance awareness of citizens regarding values of environment.
In Afghanistan constitution, environment protection and building earth are considered as responsibility of all. Those who are polluting earth are punished as mentioned in 344th and 345th articles of the country’s penal code. Generally, all citizens of the country are responsible to hear the voice of earth and keep it clean.
There are numerous causes that have somehow polluted the environment in Afghanistan. Low level of awareness of the people regarding value and significance of clean earth, too much spending the country’s resources, throwing trashes away in nature, irresponsibility of citizens towards nature, weak management and others are causes of earth pollution.
Moreover, low participation of people in cleansing of cities, using of disposable packages and dishes by families, increasing of population and development of cities, immigrations, inattention of citizens over culture of urbanization, not fulfilling of citizen responsibilities and obligations by the people and irregularities are also considered as main causes of earth pollution.
Meanwhile, spreading various diseases, depression, early deaths among the people and dirtiness of cities are the most significant consequences of earth pollution.
Unfortunately, the culture of protection and maintenance of earth in the country is so low and everywhere people have chosen for living have been polluted. All citizens and families have the responsibility to keep earth and environment clean.
Installation of trash-bins, prevention from throwing trashes in parks and green sites and promotion of the culture of urbanization are considered as the most significant ways for cleansing the earth.
Lailuma Noori

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