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“Each start has continuation and ending,” Abdul Hamid Mubarez

5حمل عیادت از عبدالحمید مبارز از طر ف اعظای صندوق حمایه از ژورنالستان ع بصیر 1 1

KABUL: Members of Afghanistan Journalists Support Fund (AJSF) enquired the country’s top writer, researcher and journalist Abdul Hamid Mubarez.

Abdul Hamid Mubarez, the country’s cultural figure, had been on bed rest for weeks at Sardar Mohammad Daud Khan Hospital due to health problems and now his health condition has improved and discharged from hospital.

While enquiring health condition of Abdul Hamid Mubarez, members of Afghanistan Journalists Support Fund wished the country’s cultural figure urgent recovery. Praising head and leading body of AJSF, Abdul Hamid Mubarez said: “Each start has continuation and ending.”  “Life has passion, weakness and senility and should be fought,” he added.

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