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Drought, war and displacement main causes of increasing poverty

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While war and drought is the basic factors behind poverty in Afghanistan, the UN warns that three million people are in dire need of food items in this country. This causes a great number of people to be suffered losses and face to poverty.
A number of Internal Displaced People (IDPs) in interviews with The Kabul Times reporter said that wars and drought caused to leave their native places and replace in Kabul.
One of IDPs Zarina who is living in one part of Kabul city along with other families says that there was war in our province. The situation was not suitable for living. So we compelled to leave for Kabul. But now, we have enormous economic problems. Access to food is difficult for us, the weather is cold and our children are sick.
So far, we receive no aid from government and charity institutions.
Ms, Zarina continued: The difficult condition that our people passed in drought-hit regions and now are living under tents in Kabul is also a matter of concern.
Their children set in road sides from dawn till evening for begging in some parts of Kabul city that their number is increasing in daily base.
Narges along with a number of other such children in the connection said that we have not shelter and live under tents and for finding a loaf of bread, we are compelling to resort to begging and during evening we leave the area along with some pieces of bread and some money.
Although, this situation of children in Afghanistan is a matter of concern more. But if government have no program in the connection, it is possible the situation to get worsening more in the areas facing with the threat of drought and war.
At the same time, Counter Disaster Management Authority of Afghanistan reported about twenty provinces of the country which are facing with the threat of shortage of food items and added that beside war, one of basic problems that threatens this year more the life of people of Afghanistan, is drought and shortage of food items.
He commemorated about 100000 families that as a result of drought and war forced to leave their houses and are in dire need of cooperation.
According to the abovementioned administration, 500000 families were displaced in Afghanistan because of various reasons such as drought, natural calamities and war.
Deputy of this administration added that they demanded from various institutions including WFP to help needies.
Deputy for Natural Disaster Management Authority, Mohammad Aslam Sepas says that they are awaiting for the final report of ministry of agriculture so that it be cleared that how is the situation of domestic products and comparing previous years, how much we have need food items.
But, he is concerning about the situation of farmers during next year. Because, drought would have more impact on agricultural products in 1398 solar year as well.
On the other, the UN has warned this year drought was unprecedented in Afghanistan. Coordinator of the UN Humanitarian Affairs for Afghanistansxays that till December of current year about three million people of Afghanistan would be facing with serious threat of shortage of food items.
According to him, drought threatens more the northern and western provinces of Afghanistan and hundreds thousands people forced to leave their houses.
He added that a quantity of food items have been sent to various provinces so that to distribute to needies.
The UN says that despite three million needies to food items the situations of quadrupeds is critical because of lack of fodder.
According to them, hundred thousand Afghans suffice only to one time meal round the clock.
The figure of shortage of food items is very high world-wide and needs immediate investigation.
The UN Humanitarian Affairs Coordinator has said that within last month, they sent food items from among them flour, edible oil and crops for 600000 people in various parts of Afghanistan and are expecting till the end of October they would dispatch food items for another 600000 needy people as well.
Shukria Kohistani

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