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Drought and people harassment

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Millions of people are facing with challenges stem from dearth of water and drought allover the globe and majority other have no access to drinking water.
Consecutive drought in poor countries like Afghanistan remained severe impacts on the issues such as security, immunity, agriculture, economy and also has bad impact on environment.
So, this caused the people to be worry in the connection.
The crisis of drought in landlocked countries and third world nations that Afghanistan is also include of them, millions of people in these countries have their own concern.
As 2.5 billion people are deprived from access to potable water all over the world, so based on the same, the scholars work in environment issues are believing that lack of water supply and sewerage systems caused that daily, thousands children lose their lives because of polluted water.
On the other, changing of climate and accumulation of population in developing countries especially our dear country, Afghanistan that as a result of four decades of imposed wars the people left their houses because of war and replaced in the capital city, Kabul caused that more wells be dug and septic wells made polluted under ground waters.
This also caused the level of water become lower and faced the society with the crisis of water shortage.
So, immediate measure should be adopted so that the masses of people get access to hygienic water in sufficient quantity.
Similarly, establishment of water supply system seems necessary.
Expansion of methods relate to water services such as water supply networks, irrigation and consumption of energy for the removal of people’s requirements are a must.
The government officials especially the ministries of energy and water, Rehabilitation and Rural Development should take the responsibility of leadership of the process of management of water supply and in the first step it necessitates that water dams to be built. Water reservoirs should be recognized and efforts should be made for its establishment. Because, lack and shortage of water in a country is dangerous more comparing all social, political and economic crisis and neglect in the connection would cause crisis in the country.
Overcoming of such challenges needs effort to be made in various fields.
In collaboration with people in villages and suburb areas construction of water dams for reserving of water and its reasonable use when necessitates can rescue people from shortage of water.
The government senior officials should prevent from digging of deep wells and semi-deep wells that mostly merchants use it and sell it in the name of mineral waters. They not only sell this water in the capital and suburb areas but they sell it abroad as well.
The private sector works in this field should seriously be supported by the government.
Such services should be controlled by government sanitation organs.
The private sectors who obliged for supply of hygienic water to people should gain a sum of money from those who receive such services.
This helps support consumers are poor in consumption of water.
Despite there is no unique procedure for using of water in world level, the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan with effective management can benefit a high level from the rivers are flowing in northeast and south of the country especially from the water of Panjsher, Kunar, Logar and Salang and with installation of great water pipes, supply water to those areas are facing with shortage of hygienic water and prevent from its pouring into neighboring soils. Otherwise, as our country is an agricultural land and its products are relate to water and climate, if necessary measures not to be adopted for healthy management of water and the condition not to be prepared for use inside of the country, we would be the witness of deprivation from plantation of vegetables and crops and would import the latters from neighbors.
This is in a time that the ground is prepared for construction of water dam in every valley of our country, but hundreds cu.m waters of rain and snow are shedding with impunity and remain a dried summer for farmers.
So, it’s the duty of senior officials to rescue people from this crisis.
Baktash Shaibani

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