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Draft participatory government system shared with politicians


By: Lailuma Noori

Sources say US special envoy for Afghanistan Zalmay Khalilzad in his visit to Kabul has shared a draft participatory type of government plan with the country’s politicians including President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani.
The US envoy handed the Afghan politicians a draft of the participatory government plan and asked them to share their views as soon as possible. The Afghan politicians have been told that the peace talks in Doha will be sidelined and that a Bonn Conference-style meeting will be held at the international level to discuss the prospects of a participatory government that would include the Taliban.
Although no further details regarding the draft plan for formation of a participatory type of government, there are speculations that there might be three key issues for consultation in the new draft plan for the new phase of peace efforts of the US special envoy for Afghanistan. Reviewing a number of articles of the US -Taliban deal including timeline for US troop withdrawal from Afghanistan can be part of the US new plan brought by Khalilzad.
In a situation in which insecurities and violent attacks of the Taliban are continuing, the best decision for the US and NATO to suspend troop withdrawal from Afghanistan as such decision helps in successfully bringing the peace process to end. Besides, the troop withdrawal from Afghanistan should be based on situation in the ground.
Threats are not now from inside, but Afghanistan is facing with threats posed by some extremist and terrorist groups increasing their activities in Central Asia and having close contact with Taliban in Afghanistan. With continued presence of US and NATO troops, there will be less threats from the extremist and terrorist groups posing Afghanistan and its defense and security forces.
After extension of the US troop withdrawal process from Afghanistan, the second issue might be a new formula with broad-based framework for Afghanistan peace process and it is said that networks inside the country in close coordination with foreign countries in which US has their support are working for draft plan similar to Bonn Conference.
Based on the draft plan, all sides to the ongoing conflict and peace of Afghanistan should attend the negotiating table and reach agreement with each other on future political structure, ceasefire, reintegration and political participation in transitional government. In case that US and NATO mission continue their peace-keeping role in the country and peace talks are followed under direct supervision of the UN and world countries, undoubtedly peace talks will successfully conclude.
The third issue might be the continuation of Doha process with new conditions. What was not existed in the intra-Afghan talks in Doha, was the supervisory delegation for mediation and guaranteeing the process. In case US re-enters the Doha process with a new mechanism and plan, there will be some hopes for comprehensive ceasefire and ending the ongoing war in the country.
It is expected that the US special peace envoy for Afghanistan Zalmay Khalilzad will finished with his consultations with Afghan politicians by the end of this week. Presidential official has not commented on this, but President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani had previously warned he would never accept any transitional and interim type of government in the country.

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